Cast and Crew of Hail, Caesar!

Cast of
Hail, Caesar!

About Hail, Caesar!

When a Hollywood star mysteriously disappears in the middle of filming, the studio sends their fixer to get him back.

Full Cast of Hail, Caesar!

Veronica Osorio
plays Carlotta Valdez

Max Baker
plays Head Communist Writer

Tom Musgrave
plays Communist Writer

Patrick Carroll
plays Communist Writer

John Bluthal
plays Prof. Marcuse

Alex Karpovsky
plays Mr. Smitrovich

Armazd Stepanian
plays Eastern Orthodox Clergyman

Robert Pike Daniel
plays Catholic Clergyman

Robert Trebor
plays Producer of "Hail, Caesar!"

Michael Yama
plays Chinese Restaurant Maître D'

Ming Zhao
plays Chinese Restaurant Waitress

Helen Siff
plays Malibu Maid

Basil Hoffman
plays Stu Schwartz (Accounting)

Luke Spencer Roberts
plays Peanut

Ralph P. Martin
plays Director of Action Western

Noah Baron
plays Water Ballet P.A.

Noel Conlon
plays Scotty at the Gate

Natasha Bassett
plays Gloria DeLamour

Richard Abraham
plays French Postcard Photographer

Dennis Cockrum
plays Cop at French Postcard House

Tiffany Lonsdale
plays Ursulina

Clement von Franckenstein
plays Sen. Sestimus Amydias

Jeff Lewis
plays Lurking Extra

Stephen Ellis
plays Clapper Boy

Jack Huston
plays Cad in Cab

Agyness Deyn
plays Woman in Cab

Benjamin Beatty
plays Clapper Boy

Caitlin Muelder
plays Cookhouse Woman

Kate Morgan Chadwick
plays Departing Woman

Brian Michael Jones
plays Sailor

Clifton Samuels
plays Sailor / Dancer

K.C. Reischerl
plays Sailor

Jeremy Davis
plays Dancer

Marcos Ochoa
plays Dancer

Colin Bradbury
plays Dancer

Ryan Breslin
plays Dancer

Casey Garvin
plays Dancer

Luke Hawkins
plays Dancer

Evan Kasprzak
plays Dancer

Patrick Lavallee
plays Dancer

Ryan VanDenBoom
plays Dancer

Alex Demkin
plays Dancer

Dax Hock
plays Dancer

Shesha Marvin
plays Dancer

Mark Stuart
plays Dancer

Forrest Walsh
plays Dancer

Michael Gambon
plays Narrator (voice)

Tomoko Karina
plays Imperial Garden Waitress (uncredited)

Dean England
plays Animal Handler (uncredited)

Sandy Mansson
plays Israelite (uncredited)

Jessee Foudray
plays Jonah's Daughter Harpist (uncredited)

Ryan Izay
plays Merrily We Dance cast member

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