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In the captivating world of 'Ocean's Eleven', we are introduced to a dynamic cast of characters, led by the enigmatic Danny Ocean, portrayed by the talented George Clooney. Danny is a charismatic thief, fresh out of prison and eager to get back into the game. His charm and wit are only matched by his cunning and intelligence, making him the perfect mastermind for a high-stakes heist. Accompanying Danny is the young and ambitious Linus Caldwell, played by Matt Damon. Linus is a skilled pickpocket and con artist, eager to prove himself and make a name for himself in the world of crime.

The plot of 'Ocean's Eleven' is as thrilling as its characters. Less than 24 hours into his parole, Danny Ocean is already planning his next big heist. He assembles a team of specialists, each with their own unique skills and talents, to pull off the impossible. The plan? To steal more than $150 million from three of the most secure casinos in Las Vegas, all in one night. The stakes are high, and the risks are even higher. But Danny is willing to risk it all for the chance at a big payday.

However, this heist is not just about the money for Danny. It's also about winning back the love of his ex-wife, Tess. Throughout the film, we see Danny's internal struggle between his love for Tess and his love for the thrill of the heist. Will he be able to pull off the heist and win back Tess's heart? Or will the stakes prove to be too high, even for a mastermind like Danny Ocean? Only time will tell in this exciting and suspenseful film.

Full Cast of Ocean's Eleven

George Clooney
plays Danny Ocean

George Clooney as Danny Ocean
George Clooney delivers a suave and charismatic performance as Danny Ocean in the movie 'Ocean's Eleven'. His portrayal of the charming and cunning conman is both captivating and entertaining, as he leads a team of skilled thieves in a high-stakes heist. Clooney's on-screen chemistry with his co-stars, particularly Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, adds to the overall enjoyment of the film. His performance is a testament to his talent as an actor, as he effortlessly balances the character's humor, intelligence, and vulnerability. See George Clooney's other roles

Matt Damon
plays Linus Caldwell

Matt Damon as Linus Caldwell
Matt Damon delivers a noteworthy performance as Linus Caldwell in 'Ocean's Eleven'. As the youngest member of Danny Ocean's crew, Damon brings a sense of youthful energy and eagerness to the role. His character's arc, from a skeptical newcomer to a fully integrated member of the team, is portrayed with subtlety and nuance. Damon's comedic timing also shines in several scenes, providing a nice contrast to the more serious tones of the film. Overall, his performance adds a layer of depth to the ensemble cast and contributes to the film's overall charm and appeal. See Matt Damon's other roles

Andy García
plays Terry Benedict

Andy García as Terry Benedict
Andy García delivers a captivating performance as Terry Benedict in the movie 'Ocean's Eleven'. As the primary antagonist, García portrays Benedict as a suave, sophisticated, and ruthless casino owner who is fiercely protective of his assets. His cool and collected demeanor, coupled with his sharp intellect, makes him a formidable adversary for the titular group of con artists. García's performance is a standout in the ensemble cast, as he effortlessly exudes power and authority, making Benedict a character that viewers love to hate. See Andy García's other roles

Brad Pitt
plays Rusty Ryan

Brad Pitt as Rusty Ryan
Brad Pitt delivers a captivating performance as Rusty Ryan in 'Ocean's Eleven'. His charismatic portrayal of the suave, confident, and witty character brings a dynamic energy to the ensemble cast. Pitt's natural charm and on-screen chemistry with co-star George Clooney make their scenes together a joy to watch. He effortlessly embodies the cool and collected demeanor of a seasoned con artist, making Rusty Ryan a memorable and entertaining character in this thrilling heist film. See Brad Pitt's other roles

Julia Roberts
plays Tess Ocean

Julia Roberts as Tess Ocean
Julia Roberts delivers a captivating performance as Tess Ocean in 'Ocean's Eleven'. Her charisma and charm shine through, making her character both relatable and intriguing. Roberts' on-screen chemistry with George Clooney adds an extra layer of depth to their complex relationship, creating a dynamic that keeps viewers engaged. Her portrayal of Tess, a woman torn between her past and present, showcases her versatility as an actress, making her performance a standout in this star-studded cast. See Julia Roberts's other roles

Casey Affleck
plays Virgil Malloy

Casey Affleck as Virgil Malloy
In the movie 'Ocean's Eleven', Casey Affleck delivers a standout performance as Virgil Malloy, one of the eleven con artists recruited by Danny Ocean (George Clooney) to pull off an elaborate heist. Affleck brings a unique charm and charisma to the role, effortlessly capturing Virgil's dry wit and sarcastic humor. His chemistry with his on-screen brother Turk Malloy (Scott Caan) is undeniable, and the duo's comedic timing is one of the film's many highlights. Affleck's portrayal of Virgil as a loyal and resourceful team member adds depth to the character, making him an essential part of the film's ensemble cast. See Casey Affleck's other roles

Scott Caan
plays Turk Malloy

Elliott Gould
plays Reuben Tishkoff

Elliott Gould as Reuben Tishkoff

Elliott Gould (born August 29, 1938) is an American actor. He began acting in Hollywood films during the 1960s, and h...

See Elliott Gould's other roles

Eddie Jemison
plays Livingston Dell

Eddie Jemison as Livingston Dell

Edward Francis Jemison, Jr. (born November 25, 1963) is an American film and television actor. He is known for his ro...

See Eddie Jemison's other roles

Bernie Mac
plays Frank Catton

Bernie Mac as Frank Catton

Bernard Jeffrey McCullough (October 5, 1957 – August 9, 2008), better known by his stage name, Bernie Mac, was an Ame...

See Bernie Mac's other roles

Shaobo Qin
plays Yen

Carl Reiner
plays Saul Bloom

Carl Reiner as Saul Bloom

Carl Reiner (March 20, 1922 – June 29, 2020) was an American actor, stand-up comedian, director, screenwriter, and au...

See Carl Reiner's other roles

Cecelia Ann Birt
plays Board Member #1 (voice)

Paul L. Nolan
plays Board Member #2 (voice)

Carol Florence
plays Board Member #3 (voice)

Lori Galinski
plays Blackjack Dealer

Mark Gantt
plays Bartender

Tim Perez
plays Security Guard

Frank Patton III
plays Lockbox Carrier

Frank Patton III
plays Lockbox Carrier

Jorge R. Hernandez
plays FBI Man #1

Tim Snay
plays FBI Man #2

Miguel Pérez
plays Explosives Cop

Miguel Pérez as Explosives Cop

Arnoldo Cruz "Miguel" Perez (born September 7, 1957) is an American actor. He has appeared in many television series,...

See Miguel Pérez's other roles

Lennox Lewis
plays Self

Wladimir Klitschko
plays Self

Barry Brandt
plays Technician #1

William Patrick Johnson
plays Technician #2

Robert Peters
plays Eye-in-the-Sky Technician #1

Robert Peters as Eye-in-the-Sky Technician #1

Robert Peters was born on July 20, 1961 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Robert is an actor and director, known for Ocean's E...

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David Jensen
plays Eye-in-the-Sky Technician #2

Kelly Adkins
plays Dancer

Gregory Stenson
plays Sentry

Joe La Due
plays Billy Tim Denham

John C. Fiore
plays Hotel Security

Tommy Kordick
plays Hotel Security

Michael Delano
plays Casino Manager ("Walsh")

Charles La Russa
plays Italian High Roller

Anthony Allison
plays French High Roller

Ronn Soeda
plays Japanese High Roller

Robin Sachs
plays Seller

Robin Sachs as Seller

Robin Sachs was born on February 5, 1951 and passed away 11 years ago at the age of 61 on February 1, 2013.

See Robin Sachs's other roles

J.P. Manoux
plays Aide-de-Camp

J.P. Manoux as Aide-de-Camp

Jean-Paul 'J.P.' Manoux (born June 8, 1969) is an American actor.

See J.P. Manoux's other roles

Jerry Weintraub
plays Denny Shields

Frankie J. Allison
plays High Roller Pit Boss

James Curatola
plays Baccarat Dealer

Henry Silva
plays Self

Eydie Gormé
plays Self

Angie Dickinson
plays Self

Steve Lawrence
plays Self

Wayne Newton
plays Self

Siegfried Fischbacher
plays Self

Roy Horn
plays Self

Jim Lampley
plays Self

Larry Merchant
plays Self

Richard Reed
plays Bucky Buchanan

David Sontag
plays Plainclothes Goon #1

Larry Sontag
plays Plainclothes Goon #2

Bill Allison
plays Guard

Rusty Meyers
plays Security Officer #1

Joe Coyle
plays Security Officer #2

Scott L. Schwartz
plays Bruiser

Scott L. Schwartz as Bruiser

Scott L. Schwartz was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He is known for Ocean's Eleven (2001), Changing Hands ...

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Richard Steele
plays Self - Boxing Referee

John Robotham
plays Uzi-Carrying Guard #1

Vincent M. Ward
plays Uzi-Carrying Guard #2

Vincent M. Ward as Uzi-Carrying Guard #2

Vincent M. Ward was born on January 27, 1971 and is currently 53 years old.

See Vincent M. Ward's other roles

Scott Beringer
plays Head Goon

Jim Alfonso
plays Police Officer

Tony Brown
plays Chicago Train Commuter (uncredited)

Don Cheadle
plays Basher Tarr (uncredited)

Don Cheadle as Basher Tarr (uncredited)

Donald Frank Cheadle Jr. is an American actor, author, director, producer and writer. Following early roles in Hambur...

See Don Cheadle's other roles

Holly Marie Combs
plays Holly Marie Combs (uncredited)

Viola Davis
plays Parole Board Interrogator (uncredited) , Parole Board Interrogator (voice) (uncredited)

Viola Davis as Parole Board Interrogator (uncredited)

Viola Davis (born August 11, 1965) is an American actress and producer. The recipient of numerous accolades, Davis is...

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Topher Grace
plays Topher Grace (uncredited)

Topher Grace as Topher Grace (uncredited)

Christopher John "Topher" Grace (born July 12, 1978) is an American actor. He is best known for his portrayal of Eric...

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Joshua Jackson
plays Joshua Jackson (uncredited)

Joshua Jackson as Joshua Jackson (uncredited)

Joshua Carter Jackson (born June 11, 1978) is a Canadian actor. He has appeared in primetime television and in over 3...

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David Leitch
plays Security Guard / X-Bag Man #1 (uncredited)

David Leitch as Security Guard / X-Bag Man #1 (uncredited)

David Leitch (born November 16, 1975) is an American filmmaker, actor, stunt performer and stunt coordinator who made...

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Mike Malone
plays Pickpocketed Man on Train (uncredited)

Thomas Rosales Jr.
plays Security Guard at Boxing Fight (uncredited)

Thomas Rosales Jr. as Security Guard at Boxing Fight (uncredited)

Thomas Rosales Jr. (born 3 February 1948) is an American stunt man who has appeared in more than one hundred and fift...

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Kerry Rossall
plays Flashback Security Guard (uncredited)

Kerry Rossall as Flashback Security Guard (uncredited)

Kerry Rossall is world renowned stuntman best known for his work on Apocalypse Now (1979). He was nominated for 3 Tau...

See Kerry Rossall's other roles

Steven Soderbergh
plays Vault-Bombing Thief (uncredited)

Barry Watson
plays Barry Watson (uncredited)

Shane West
plays Shane West (uncredited)

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