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'XO, Kitty' is a delightful and heartwarming teen romance series that follows the character of Katherine 'Kitty' Song Covey, played by the talented Anna Cathcart. Kitty is a hopeless romantic and a seasoned matchmaker who thinks she has a firm grasp on the intricacies of love and relationships. However, when she decides to take a leap of faith and move halfway across the world to be with her long-distance boyfriend, she quickly discovers that love is not as straightforward as she once believed.

As Kitty settles into her new life in Seoul, South Korea, she finds herself navigating a complicated web of relationships that challenge her understanding of love and commitment. From the pressures of cultural differences to the challenges of long-distance relationships, Kitty is faced with a series of obstacles that test her resolve and force her to reevaluate her beliefs about love. Along the way, she meets new friends and potential love interests, including the charming and enigmatic Dae-heon Kim, played by Choi Min-yeong.

As Kitty explores the ups and downs of love and relationships, she learns valuable lessons about trust, communication, and self-discovery. Through her experiences, she gains a deeper appreciation for the complexities of love and the importance of being true to oneself. With its engaging storyline, relatable characters, and insightful themes, 'XO, Kitty' is a must-watch series for anyone who has ever experienced the joys and heartaches of love. Whether you're a hopeless romantic or a seasoned cynic, this show is sure to leave you with a newfound appreciation for the power of love and the beauty of self-discovery.

XO, Kitty ran for 2 seasons.

Main Cast of XO, Kitty

Anna Cathcart
plays Katherine 'Kitty' Song Covey (10 episodes)

Anna Cathcart as Katherine 'Kitty' Song Covey
Katherine 'Kitty' Song Covey is a bubbly and outgoing high school student in the show XO, Kitty. She is the youngest sister of the main character, Lara Jean Covey, and is always trying to find ways to get attention. Kitty is known for her sassy personality and quick wit.

Quotes from Katherine 'Kitty' Song Covey

  1. 'I'm gonna need you to put on your big girl pants and deal with it.'
  2. 'You snooze, you lose, Covey.'
  3. 'The Covey girls aren't boys. We don't back down.'
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Choi Min-yeong
plays Dae-heon Kim (10 episodes)

Choi Min-yeong as Dae-heon Kim
Dae-heon Kim is a recurring character in the show XO, Kitty. He is portrayed as an outgoing and charming character, with a love for music and dancing.

Quotes from Dae-heon Kim

  1. Life is short, make the most of it!
  2. Hey, let's dance!
  3. Music is the answer to everything.
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Gia Kim
plays Yuri Han (10 episodes)

Gia Kim as Yuri Han
Yuri Han is a main character in the show XO, Kitty. She is a talented pianist and a dedicated friend. Yuri is quiet and reserved, but her passion for music shines through in every performance.

Quotes from Yuri Han

  1. 'It's not about winning. It's about the journey.'
  2. 'Music is the language that transcends words.'
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Sang Heon Lee
plays Min Ho (10 episodes)

Sang Heon Lee as Min Ho
Min Ho is a charming and playful character in the show XO, Kitty. He is a member of the popular boy band, and is known for his smooth moves and charismatic personality.

Quotes from Min Ho

  1. Hey, Kitty, wanna dance?
  2. I always say, life's better when you're dancing.
  3. I may be a star, but I'm just a regular guy at heart.
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Anthony Keyvan
plays Quincy 'Q' Shabazian (10 episodes)

Anthony Keyvan as Quincy 'Q' Shabazian
Quincy 'Q' Shabazian is a supporting character in the show XO, Kitty. He is a close friend of the main character, Kitty, and often provides her with emotional support and advice. Q is known for his laid-back attitude, quick wit, and infectious energy.

Quotes from Quincy 'Q' Shabazian

  1. 'I feel like a proud mama'
  2. 'We got this, we got each other'
  3. 'Keep your head up, superhero'
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Peter Thurnwald
plays Alex (10 episodes)

Peter Thurnwald as Alex
Alex is a secondary character in XO, Kitty. He is an easy-going and carefree guy who loves to have fun with his friends. He often provides comic relief in the show.

Quotes from Alex

  1. 'Let's just forget our problems and enjoy the moment.'
  2. 'Life is too short to take everything so seriously.'
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Regan Aliyah
plays Juliana (10 episodes)

Regan Aliyah as Juliana
Juliana is a witty and confident young woman who is the protagonist in the show XO, Kitty. She is strong-willed and fiercely independent, always striving to achieve her dreams despite the obstacles in her way.

Quotes from Juliana

  1. You have to be your own hero.
  2. Life is short, but regrets are forever.
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Jocelyn Shelfo
plays Madison (10 episodes)

Jocelyn Shelfo as Madison
Madison is a cool and confident high school student and one of Kitty's best friends in the show XO, Kitty. She is fashionable and always up-to-date with the latest trends, and has a sarcastic sense of humor.

Quotes from Madison

  1. 'Sorry, not sorry.'
  2. 'Life's too short to be basic.'
  3. 'Whatever, I'll just pretend to care.'
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Yunjin Kim
plays Jina (9 episodes)

Yunjin Kim as Jina
Jina is a main character in the show XO, Kitty. She is a fashion-forward and ambitious young woman who is determined to make it in the fashion industry. She is confident and driven, but also caring and loyal to her friends.

Quotes from Jina

  1. 'You have to be bold to make an impression.'
  2. 'Success is about hard work, not luck.'
  3. 'I don't just want to work in fashion, I want to own it.'
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Michael K. Lee
plays Professor Lee (8 episodes)

Michael K. Lee as Professor Lee
Professor Lee is a recurring character in the show XO, Kitty. He is a highly respected professor at the local university and is known for his scholarly demeanor and dry wit. He often provides intellectual insights to the characters on the show, and is respected by everyone who knows him.

Quotes from Professor Lee

  1. 'There's nothing quite like a good intellectual debate to get the mind going.'
  2. 'Knowledge is power, but the ability to communicate that knowledge is even more powerful.'
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Théo Augier
plays Florian (8 episodes)

Théo Augier as Florian
Florian is a loyal friend and confidant to Kitty in the show XO, Kitty. He is witty and charming, often providing comic relief in intense situations.

Quotes from Florian

  1. Hey, I'm just here for the free food and booze.
  2. You know, Kitty, sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.
  3. I may not be the smartest person in the room, but I certainly am the most charming.
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Lee Seong-wook
plays Mr. Kim (5 episodes)

Lee Seong-wook as Mr. Kim
Mr. Kim is a grumpy and traditional father who runs a convenience store in the show XO, Kitty. He expects his son to follow in his footsteps and take over the family business.

Quotes from Mr. Kim

  1. You borrow, you buy!
  2. No free samples!
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Sunny Oh
plays Mihee (8 episodes)

Ryu Han-bi
plays Eunice (9 episodes)

Ryu Han-bi as Eunice
Eunice is a main character in the TV show XO, Kitty. She is a quirky and caring best friend of Kitty who is always there for her. Eunice is known for her positive attitude and always sees the bright side of things.

Quotes from Eunice

  1. Oh my gosh!
  2. You got this.
  3. It's gonna be okay, Kitty.
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Secondary Cast of XO, Kitty

Sarayu Blue
plays Trina (1 episode)

Sarayu Blue as Trina
Trina is a recurring character in the TV show XO, Kitty. She is a fashion blogger and socialite who often finds herself caught up in drama with the main characters. Trina is known for her glamorous style and witty comebacks.

Quotes from Trina

  1. I don't have to take this. I'm an influencer, remember?
  2. You can never have too many statement pieces.
  3. I'm not just a blogger, I'm a brand.
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John Corbett
plays Dan Covey (2 episodes)

John Corbett as Dan Covey
Dan Covey is a main character in the teen drama series XO, Kitty. He is a confident and popular student who is also a talented musician. Dan is known for his outgoing personality and sense of humor.

Quotes from Dan Covey

  1. What's the story, morning glory?
  2. Stay gold, Ponyboy
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Jenny Han
plays Check-In Lady (1 episode)

The Check-In Lady in the show XO, Kitty is a minor character who works at the airport. She helps passengers check-in for their flights and offers them directions to their gate.

Quotes from Check-In Lady

  1. Have a safe flight!
  2. Next in line, please!
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Han Chae-young
plays Dami (2 episodes)

Han Chae-young as Dami
Dami is a recurring character in the show XO, Kitty. He is a close friend of the protagonist, Kitty, and is often portrayed as her voice of reason. Dami is laid-back and friendly, but is also known to be brutally honest when it comes to giving advice.

Quotes from Dami

  1. Hey, don't worry about it. Everything happens for a reason, right?
  2. You know, Kitty, sometimes you just gotta take a step back and look at the bigger picture.
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Ok Taec-yeon
plays Ocean Park (1 episode)

Ok Taec-yeon as Ocean Park
Ocean Park is a recurring character in the TV show XO, Kitty. He is a former love interest of the main character, Kitty, and often appears as a source of conflict or complication in her personal life. Ocean is described as charming and persuasive, able to talk his way out of any situation.

Quotes from Ocean Park

  1. I'm not a bad guy, just misunderstood.
  2. You know I'm trouble, Kitty, but you can't resist me.
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Lee Hyeong-cheol
plays Mr. Han (4 episodes)

Lee Hyeong-cheol as Mr. Han
Mr. Han is a wise and experienced sensei who mentors the main character on their journey to become a better person and black belt in karate.

Quotes from Mr. Han

  1. Focus, balance...remember rule number one: karate for defense only.
  2. Wax on, wax off.
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Dong Hyo-hee
plays Financial Aid Counselor (4 episodes)

Dong Hyo-hee as Financial Aid Counselor
Kitty is the Financial Aid Counselor in the show XO. She is a quirky and enthusiastic woman who loves helping students pay for college. She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her students have the financial support they need to succeed in school.

Quotes from Financial Aid Counselor

  1. 'Let's make it rain scholarships!'
  2. 'Free money is the best kind of money!'
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Tobias J. Yang
plays Altan (4 episodes)

Go Do-yeon
plays Bora (2 episodes)

Go Do-yeon as Bora
Bora is a main character in the show XO, Kitty. She is a sassy and confident influencer who uses her platform to promote her lifestyle brand and connect with fans. Despite her online persona, Bora struggles with personal and professional challenges, including balancing her career with her relationships.

Quotes from Bora

  1. 'No filter needed, just confidence.'
  2. 'If you're not following me yet, what are you waiting for?'
  3. 'Living my best life!'
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Young Joo Ha
plays Ha-Jung (2 episodes)

Aaron Chan Meinero
plays Blake (3 episodes)

Park Chae-rin
plays Lulu (1 episode)

Park Chae-rin as Lulu
Lulu is a quirky and outgoing character in the show XO, Kitty. She is often seen wearing bright colors and has a fun-loving personality.

Quotes from Lulu

  1. 'Life is too short for boring clothes.'
  2. 'Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn. Then, always be a unicorn.'
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Lee Jeong-han
plays Geon (3 episodes)

Paul Battle
plays Mr. Miller (1 episode)

Paul Battle as Mr. Miller
Mr. Miller is a supporting character in the show XO, Kitty. He is a high school teacher who often provides guidance and advice to the main character, Kitty. He is known for his positive and encouraging nature, which makes him a favorite among his students.

Quotes from Mr. Miller

  1. 'The best way to predict your future is to create it.' - Mr. Miller
  2. 'Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.' - Mr. Miller
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Sascha Rothchild
plays Mrs. Miller (1 episode)

Sascha Rothchild as Mrs. Miller
Mrs. Miller is a supporting character on the show XO, Kitty. She is the nosy and gossipy neighbor of the main character, Kitty. She always seems to be lurking around, eager to hear the latest news and scandals.

Quotes from Mrs. Miller

  1. Oh, I just heard the juiciest gossip about Mr. Johnson next door!
  2. You know what they say: curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back!
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Alexander Morel
plays Jock (1 episode)

Jung Yun-ha
plays Receptionist (1 episode)

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