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In 2033, people who are near death can be “uploaded” into virtual reality hotels run by 6 tech firms. Cash-strapped Nora lives in Brooklyn and works customer service for the luxurious “Lakeview” digital afterlife. When L.A. party-boy/coder Nathan’s self-driving car crashes, his high-maintenance girlfriend uploads him permanently into Nora’s VR world.

Main Cast of Upload

Secondary Cast of Upload

Mackenzie Cardwell
plays Tinsley (7 episodes)

Serykah Aggerwhil
plays Rechna (1 episode)

Greg Romero Wilson
plays Louie Cruz (1 episode)

Charles Hewson
plays Dan the Orbit Guy (1 episode)

Rebecca Delgado Smith
plays Female CHP Officer (1 episode)

AJ Rivera
plays Scanning Technician (1 episode)

Amy Tolsky
plays Lady on Subway (1 episode)

Roberto Aldrete
plays Scrawny Dude with Bad Teeth (1 episode)

Josephine Ting
plays Woman (1 episode)

Maria Meadows
plays Attendant (1 episode)

Melissa M. Montgomery
plays Employee (1 episode)

Susan St. James
plays Old Woman (1 episode)

Mike Carpenter
plays Stunt Safety (1 episode)

William MacDonald
plays Reverend Peyfort (1 episode)

Clay St. Thomas
plays Devon Carlisle (1 episode)

Chris Logan
plays Lead Scientist (1 episode)

Stephi Chin-Salvo
plays Bethany (1 episode)

Kristine Cofsky
plays Glynn (1 episode)

Carmel Amit
plays Holden (1 episode)

Aidan Kahn
plays Derek (1 episode)

Kevin Derksen
plays Ludd (1 episode)

James Yi
plays William (1 episode)

Brian Barry
plays Arnold Palmer (1 episode)

Chris Francisque
plays Manager (1 episode)

Gigi Lazzarato
plays Jordan (1 episode)

Ariana Nica
plays Little Girl (1 episode)

Miles Ellis
plays Grower (1 episode)

Celeste Pechous
plays Heaven Sales Rep (1 episode)

Elizabeth Bowen
plays Fran Booth (4 episodes)

Kylee Bush
plays Young Woman (1 episode)

Larissa Gallagher
plays Car (voice) (2 episodes)

Karis Cameron
plays Sascha (1 episode)

Ian Hawes
plays Dylan's Dad (1 episode)

Arkie Kandola
plays Vendor #1 (1 episode)

Cynthia Mendez
plays Dr. Ramirez (1 episode)

Christin Park
plays Chloe (1 episode)

Evan Rein
plays Bryce (1 episode)

Tim Zhang
plays Scanning Technician (1 episode)

Jocelyne Loewen
plays Forever Alone (1 episode)

Dan Mellor
plays Golfer (1 episode)

Matt Braunger
plays Brad (2 episodes)

Brea St. James
plays Older Dylan (2 episodes)

Armin Karame
plays Horizen NY Retail Guy (1 episode)

Arlina Rodríguez
plays Denise (1 episode)

Kaius Lowe
plays 4 year old Nathan (1 episode)

Khaira Ledeyo
plays Amy (1 episode)

Jeremy Schuetze
plays Nathan's Dad (1 episode)

Neetu Garcha
plays News Reporter (1 episode)

Mary Brascia
plays Mrs. Caputo (1 episode)

Sal Sortino
plays Mr. Caputo (1 episode)

Logan Zenith Oung
plays Harry Potter Kid (1 episode) , Boy (1 episode)

Angelina Pratap
plays Laughing Girl #2 (1 episode)

Kaylayla Raine
plays Laughing Girl #1 (1 episode)

Christine Ko
plays Mandy (4 episodes)

Matt Visser
plays Jake (1 episode)

Flossie McKnight
plays Woman in Wheelchair (1 episode)

Noel Johansen
plays Lawyer (1 episode)

Jordan Johnson-Hinds
plays Jamie (8 episodes)

Chirag Naik
plays Tennis Ball Guy (2 episodes) , Fahim Sastri (2 episodes)

Justin Sproule
plays Dan the Orbit Gum Guy (2 episodes)

Regan Ross
plays Security Guard (1 episode)

Mark Anthony Pariñas
plays Worker (1 episode)

Paulo Costanzo
plays Matteo (6 episodes)

Imelda Gaborno
plays Little Xerox Woman (1 episode)

Andy Thompson
plays Lionel Winters (2 episodes) , Professor (5 episodes)

Matt Ward
plays Byron (6 episodes)

Shane Leydon
plays Religious Ludd (1 episode)

Lynn Colliar
plays Newscaster (1 episode)

Amanda Posener
plays Front Desk Woman (1 episode)

Ann Wu-Lai Parry
plays Scientist #1 (1 episode)

Ian Gregson
plays Scientist #2 (1 episode)

Christopher Gillese
plays Scientist #3 (1 episode)

Franckie Francois
plays Byron Stand-in (1 episode)

Chris Williams
plays Dave Antony (7 episodes)

Susan Saint James
plays 87 Year Old Women (1 episode) , Old Woman (2 episodes)

Alex Kliner
plays Nathan Greenstein (3 episodes)

Nikolai Witschl
plays Buscemi Guy (1 episode) , Brooding Assassin (2 episodes)

Stefania Indelicato
plays Donna Denise (2 episodes)

Celeste Ziegler
plays Prefera (2 episodes)

Rhys Slack
plays Dylan (5 episodes)

Debbie Podowski
plays Dylan's Mom (2 episodes)

Will O'Brien
plays 57 Year Old Man (1 episode)

Wil Thompson
plays Cyber Security Guy 1 (1 episode)

Ronald Dario
plays Cyber Security Guy 2 (1 episode)

Luvyna Ward
plays Nevaeh (6 Year Old) (1 episode)

Ryan Beil
plays Craig Munthers (5 episodes)

Alec Coid
plays AI Baby (3 Year Old) (1 episode)

Aiden Bucci
plays AI Baby (5 Years Old) (1 episode)

Vic Michaelis
plays Mildred (3 episodes)

Jaren Moore
plays Dirty Man (1 episode)

Jase Anthony Griffith
plays Ivan Stunt Double (1 episode) , Maxwell (1 episode)

Andrew Prest
plays Henchman #2 (1 episode)

Lucas Wyka
plays Jack Kannerman (3 episodes)

Tom Tasse
plays Brian Choak (1 episode)

Janet Glassford
plays Building Super (1 episode)

Jessica Hayles
plays Rejoyce (3 episodes)

Alexander Lecoy
plays Ludd Cullyn (3 episodes)

Steve Lopez
plays Conductor (1 episode)

John Specogna
plays Baldman Lakeview Resident (1 episode)

Crew of Upload