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Fifteen years after the events of the feature film, Kyle Craig is assigned to go undercover in an elite squad of the LAPD as Detective Frank Rourke’s trainee to spy on him and report on his off-book methods. As Frank starts teaching his principled trainee the way of the streets, they form an uneasy alliance that will change the course of both their lives irrevocably.

Main Cast of Training Day

Bill Paxton
plays Frank Rourke (13 episodes)

Bill Paxton as Frank Rourke

Bill Paxton (May 17, 1955 - February 25, 2017) was an American actor. He appeared in films including Aliens and Titan...

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Justin Cornwell
plays Kyle Craig (13 episodes)

Katrina Law
plays Rebecca Lee (13 episodes)

Katrina Law as Rebecca Lee

Katrina Law is an American actress. Her parents met during the Vietnam War; her father being a Catholic of German and...

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Drew Van Acker
plays Tommy Campbell (13 episodes)

Drew Van Acker as Tommy Campbell

An American actor and model. He moved a lot as a child before settling in Medford, New Jersey at the age of 10. He pr...

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Marianne Jean-Baptiste
plays Deputy Chief Joy Lockhart (9 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Training Day

Sarah Blades
plays Haley Burns (1 episode)

Reid Miller
plays Young Luke (1 episode)

Davida Williams
plays Kelly Price (1 episode)

Michael Cimino
plays Young Sadiq (1 episode)

Michael Cimino as Young Sadiq

Michael Cimino is a musician and actor. He is known for his roles as Bob Palmeri in Annabelle Comes Home and as Victo...

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Janelle Froehlich
plays Zoe Collins (1 episode)

Devan Chandler Long
plays Blake (1 episode)

Devan Chandler Long as Blake

Devan Chandler Long (Born August 31, 1983) is an American actor. He stars as Thorfinn in the CBS series Ghosts (2020)...

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Lindsey McKeon
plays Jen Mitchell (1 episode)

Lindsey McKeon as Jen Mitchell

Lindsey McKeon is a two-time Daytime Emmy-nominated American film and television actress, best known for playing tele...

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Gonzalo Menendez
plays Theroux (1 episode)

Gonzalo Menendez as Theroux

Gonzalo Menendez was born on November 8, 1971 and is currently 52 years old.

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Bar Paly
plays Natalie (1 episode)

Richard Short
plays Wikstrom (1 episode)

Joaquim de Almeida
plays Menjivar (1 episode)

Joaquim de Almeida as Menjivar

Joaquim António Portugal Baptista de Almeida (born 15 March 1957) is a Portuguese actor. He began his acting during ...

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Shannon Merrill Brown
plays Allen (1 episode)

Tyler Cook
plays Walker Rhodes (1 episode)

Roel Navarro
plays Rios (1 episode)

Cassius M. Willis
plays Billy (1 episode)

Marcelo Olivas
plays Sicario (1 episode)

Fred Stoverink
plays Lt. Allenford (1 episode)

Sandra Valladares
plays Mom (1 episode)

Eddie Perez
plays Sentry (1 episode)

Ceyair J Wright
plays 14 Yr OId Kyle (1 episode)

Julie Benz
plays Holly Butler (2 episodes)

Julie Benz as Holly Butler

Julie M. Benz (born May 1, 1972) is an American actress, best known for her role as Rita Bennett on Dexter, for which...

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Lex Scott Davis
plays Alyse Craig (2 episodes)

Lela Rochon
plays Mrs. Craig (1 episode)

Christopher Cousins
plays Ken Patterson (1 episode)

Christopher Cousins as Ken Patterson

Christopher Maher Cousins (born September 27, 1960) is an American actor who has been acting in television since 1986...

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Bernard White
plays Ari Javeed (1 episode)

Bernard White as Ari Javeed

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bernard White (born June 8, 1959) is an American actor, screenwriter and film ...

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Tehmina Sunny
plays Lina Nazarin (1 episode)

Tehmina Sunny as Lina Nazarin

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tehmina Sunny (born September 6 1980) is a British actress and a trained viol...

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Michael Reilly Burke
plays Robert Burns (1 episode)

Michael Reilly Burke as Robert Burns

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Michael Reilly Burke (born June 27, 1964) is an American actor. He played Rex ...

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Elizabeth Bogush
plays Judy Burns (1 episode)

Elizabeth Bogush as Judy Burns

Elizabeth Bogush (born September 24, 1977) is an American actress.

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Sammy Sheik
plays Farid (1 episode)

Sammy Sheik as Farid

Sammy Sheik is an Egyptian film and television actor.

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Ramiz Monsef
plays Hejar (1 episode)

Houston Rhines
plays Nelson Campos (1 episode)

Duane R. Shepard Sr.
plays Locksmith (1 episode)

Duane R. Shepard Sr. as Locksmith

Duane R. Shepard Sr. is actor.

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Noel Gugliemi
plays Moreno (2 episodes)

Noel Gugliemi as Moreno

Noel Gugliemi is an American actor and producer.

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Bahram Khosraviani
plays Suit (1 episode)

Christina Vidal
plays Det. Valeria Chavez (2 episodes)

Adam J. Harrington
plays Rick Quanstrom (1 episode)

Adam J. Harrington as Rick Quanstrom

Adam J. Harrington is a Canadian-American stage, film and television actor.

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Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez
plays Baron Salva (1 episode)

Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez as Baron Salva

Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez was born on January 4, 1965 and is currently 59 years old.

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Bonnie Dennison
plays Lara (1 episode)

Bonnie Dennison as Lara

Bonnie Dennison is an American actress. She was born in New York City. From 2002–05, she played Emily Yokas on the NB...

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Vladimir Kulich
plays Alexi Koslov (1 episode)

Vladimir Kulich as Alexi Koslov

Vladimir Kulich is a Czech-Canadian actor. He is best known for his roles as Buliwyf in the film The 13th Warrior, Ti...

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Joe Rudy Guerrero Jr.
plays Sombra (1 episode)

Zoran Korach
plays Vladimir Zinchenko (1 episode)

Zachary Bostrom
plays Stephen (1 episode)

Tripp Pickell
plays Bowman (1 episode)

Tripp Pickell as Bowman

Tripp Pickell was born on May 21, 1974 and is currently 50 years old.

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Matt Lasky
plays Bouncer (1 episode)

Mariano Mendoza
plays Bodyguard (1 episode)

Mariano Mendoza as Bodyguard

Mariano Mendoza, a former MMA World Champion Fighter, is an American film and television actor and stunt performer.

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Paul-Mikél Williams
plays Kid (1 episode)

Ai-chan Carrier
plays 7 Yr Old Girk (1 episode)

Mike Estes
plays McQuade (1 episode)

Mike Estes as McQuade

Mike Estes was born on November 16, 1978 and is currently 45 years old.

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