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The Murder of Stephen Lawrence

About The Murder of Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence was a black London teenager murdered by white racists in 1993. His parents fought to have the crime properly investigated, culminating in a judicial enquiry into the event itself and also the inadequacies of the ensuing investigation by the London Metropolitan Police.

Full Cast of The Murder of Stephen Lawrence

Marianne Jean-Baptiste
plays Doreen Lawrence

Hugh Quarshie
plays Neville Lawrence

Hugh Quarshie as Neville Lawrence

Hugh Anthony Quarshie (born 22 December 1954) is a Ghanaian-born British actor of stage, television, and film. Some o...

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Leon Black
plays Stephen Lawrence

Ashley Walters
plays Stuart Lawrence

Ashley Walters as Stuart Lawrence

Ashley Walters (born 30 June 1982), also known as Asher D, is an English rapper, musician and actor. Description abo...

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Millicent Gezi
plays Georgina Lawrence

Joseph Kpobie
plays Duwayne Brooks

Brian Bovell
plays Uncle

Jo Martin
plays Cheryl Stoley

Michael Feast
plays DCS Ilsley

Michael Feast as DCS Ilsley

Michael Feast was born on November 25, 1946 and is currently 77 years old.

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Kenneth Cranham
plays Michael Mansfield QC

David Calder
plays Sir Paul Condon

Shaun Chawdhary
plays Imran Khan

Stafford Gordon
plays DAC Ian Johnston

David Schaal
plays DS Bevan

Jenny Tarren
plays WDC Holden

Natasha Williams
plays Clara

Doña Croll
plays Ros Howells OBE

Doña Croll as Ros Howells OBE

Doña Croll was born on August 29, 1953 and is currently 70 years old.

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Sandra Bee
plays ARA Woman

Trevor Thomas
plays ARA Man

Ricci Harnett
plays Neil Acourt

Lee Colley
plays Jamie Acourt

Darren Morfitt
plays Luke Knight

Darren Morfitt as Luke Knight

Darren Morfitt was born on September 12, 1973 and is currently 50 years old.

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Neil Maskell
plays Gary Dobson

Neil Maskell as Gary Dobson

Neil Maskell (born 1976) is an English actor, writer and director who is known for his appearances in British crime a...

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Dominic Power
plays David Norris

Simon Kunz
plays Defence Barrister

Tim Munro
plays Mr Taffe

Terry Bird
plays Mr Shepherd

Philip Nelson
plays Joey Shepherd

Cathy Murphy
plays Woman at Door

Howard Whiteson
plays Council Official

Neelam Bakshi
plays Doctor

Polly Lister
plays Nurse

Paul Barrow
plays Staff Officer

Anna Northam
plays PC Bethal

Kim MacDonald
plays PC Gleeson

Jack Waters
plays Reporter

Andy Baker
plays Reporter

Tony Guilfoyle
plays Magistrate

David Cann
plays Forensic Scientist

David Cann as Forensic Scientist

David Cann was born on November 12, 1956 and is currently 67 years old.

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Sam Cox
plays Pathologist

Albert Welling
plays Jury Foreman

Albert Welling as Jury Foreman

Albert Welling was born on February 29, 1952 and is currently 72 years old.

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David McKail
plays Coroner

Elaine Rhoades
plays Theresa Norris

Lawrence Sheldon
plays Noakes

Crew of The Murder of Stephen Lawrence

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