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  • Released on April 03, 2024
  • Horror

The First Omen is a chilling and suspenseful movie that follows the story of a young American woman named Emily who is sent to Rome for a new role in the church. As she begins her life of service, Emily quickly realizes that all is not as it seems in the ancient city. She starts to experience strange and unsettling occurrences, causing her to question her own faith and the motivations of those around her.

As Emily delves deeper into the mysteries of Rome, she uncovers a terrifying conspiracy that threatens to shake the very foundations of her beliefs. A group of powerful individuals are working to bring about the birth of evil incarnate, and Emily finds herself in the middle of their sinister plans. With the help of a few trusted allies, she must race against time to unravel the conspiracy and stop the forces of darkness before it's too late.

The First Omen is a gripping tale of faith, mystery, and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With stunning cinematography, a haunting score, and powerful performances from its cast, this movie is a must-watch for fans of the horror and thriller genres. Whether you're a devout believer or a skeptic, The First Omen will leave you questioning the nature of good and evil, and the power of faith to overcome even the darkest of forces.

Full Cast of The First Omen

Nell Tiger Free
plays Margaret

Ralph Ineson
plays Father Brennan

Ralph Ineson as Father Brennan
In the chilling 2022 prequel, "The First Omen," Ralph Ineson delivers a captivating performance as the enigmatic Father Brennan. Ineson's chilling portrayal of the conflicted and haunted priest brings an intense depth to the film, as he grapples with the looming specter of evil while wrestling with his own inner demons. Ineson's commanding demeanor and rich, gravelly voice expertly convey the tormented soul beneath Brennan's rigid exterior, making for a compelling and nuanced performance that further highlights the actor's breadth and skill, and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. See Ralph Ineson's other roles

Sônia Braga
plays Sister Silva

Sônia Braga as Sister Silva
In 'The First Omen', Sônia Braga delivers a captivating performance as Sister Silva, a pivotal character in this chilling prequel to the Omen series. Braga portrays the cunning and enigmatic nun with a mysterious past, effortlessly balancing her character's inner turmoil and sinister intentions. Her nuanced portrayal of Sister Silva as a seemingly benevolent caretaker who harbors an insidious agenda adds layers of tension and suspense to the film. Braga's strong screen presence and masterful use of subtlety and restraint elevate her performance, making her portrayal of Sister Silva not only compelling, but genuinely unnerving. Her commitment to her character and ability to convey the complexity of her role is a testament to her talent and versatility as an actress, leaving a lasting impression on the viewers. See Sônia Braga's other roles

Bill Nighy
plays Cardinal Lawrence

Bill Nighy as Cardinal Lawrence
In "The First Omen," Bill Nighy delivers a captivating portrayal of the enigmatic Cardinal Lawrence. His performance is layered with subtlety and nuance, lending a chilling and magnetic presence to the character. Nighy's ability to balance the Cardinal's pious exterior with a foreboding air of the supernatural creates an enthralling dynamic that keeps viewers guessing his true intentions. The actor's mastery of his craft is on full display as he expertly navigates the complexities of his role, further elevating the film's eerie atmosphere and engaging narrative. See Bill Nighy's other roles

María Caballero
plays Luz

Nicole Sorace
plays Carlita

Nicole Sorace as Carlita
Nicole Sorace delivers a captivating performance as Carlita in 'The First Omen'. Her portrayal of the enigmatic housekeeper is both haunting and hypnotic, as she expertly balances the character's mysterious allure with a palpable sense of foreboding. Sorace's performance is a highlight of the film, as she adds layers of nuance and intrigue to Carlita's complex identity. Throughout the movie, her scenes command attention, drawing viewers into the character's dark and twisted world with an intensity that lingers long after the credits roll. See Nicole Sorace's other roles

Tawfeek Barhom
plays Father Gabriel

Charles Dance
plays Father Harris

Charles Dance as Father Harris

Charles Dance (born October 10, 1946) is an English actor, screenwriter and director. He typically plays assertive bu...

See Charles Dance's other roles

Ishtar Currie Wilson
plays Sister Anjelica

Andrea Arcangeli
plays Paolo

Guido Quaglione
plays Alfonzo

Dora Romano
plays Sister Romano

Michelangelo Dalisi
plays Luca

Anton Alexander
plays Father Spiletto

Mia McGovern Zaini
plays Beatrice

Eugenia Delbue
plays Pregnant Woman

Charita Cecamore
plays Red Headed Girl

Federica Santoro
plays Smoking Nun

Donatella Bartoli
plays Nun #1

Marial Bajma-Riva
plays Nun #2

Mario Opinato
plays Doctor

Rachel Hurd-Wood
plays Katherine Thorn

Nicola Garofalo
plays Obstetrician

Marcello Paesano
plays Waiter

Giacomo Henri Dossi
plays Museum Security Guard

Sylvia Panacione
plays Nurse #1

Daniela Barra
plays Nurse #2

Alessandra Fallucchi
plays Nurse #3

Milena Božić
plays Young Sister Silva

Dobrila Stojnic
plays Comforting Nun

Alberto Tierrez
plays Shadowy Priest

Ljiljana Žunić
plays Sadistic Nun

Eva Ras
plays Angry Nun

Miodrag Rakočević
plays Shadowy Figure

James Swanton
plays Jackal Performer

Andjelko Pavlović
plays Jackal Performer

Mina Knežević
plays Infant / Newborn (1 Month Old)

Ema Nastić
plays Infant / Newborn (1 Month Old)

Mateja Nešović
plays Baby Layla

Lana Stanojević
plays Baby Layla

Borislav Bogosavac
plays Scaffold Worker

Dejan Dragosavac
plays Scaffold Worker

Darko Corovic
plays Scaffold Worker

Strahinja Despić
plays Scaffold Worker

Amy Clayton
plays Margaret Picture Double

Amalia Strand
plays Carlita Picture Double

Nigel Dyson
plays Cardinal Lawrence Picture Double

Crew of The First Omen

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