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Moshimo, Japan. The annual fireworks festival is about to take place and a group of schoolboys, arguing over whether they are round or flat when viewed from different angles, set out to find it out.

Full Cast of Fireworks

Suzu Hirose
plays Nazuna Oikawa (voice)

Masaki Suda
plays Norimichi Shimada (voice)

Mamoru Miyano
plays Yūsuke Azumi (voice)

Mamoru Miyano as Yūsuke Azumi (voice)

Mamoru Miyano is a Japanese voice actor and singer. He has also appeared as Prince Ismir in the stage production "Cre...

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Shintaro Asanuma
plays Jun'ichi (voice)

Toshiyuki Toyonaga
plays Kazuhiro (voice)

Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Kazuhiro (voice)

Toshiyuki Toyonaga was born on April 28, 1984 and is currently 40 years old.

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Yuki Kaji
plays Minoru (voice)

Yuki Kaji as Minoru (voice)

Yuki Kaji is a Japanese voice actor and singer affiliated with the agency VIMS. He has also been a radio host and act...

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Shin-ichiro Miki
plays Nazuna's Mother Fiancé (voice)

Shin-ichiro Miki as Nazuna's Mother Fiancé (voice)

Shin-ichiro Miki is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with 81 Produce and most known for his role as Kojiro (James) i...

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Kana Hanazawa
plays Teacher Miura (voice)

Kana Hanazawa as Teacher Miura (voice)

Kana Hanazawa is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with the Office Osawa talent agency. In 2012 she made her debut ...

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Takahiro Sakurai
plays Teacher Mitsuishi (voice)

Takahiro Sakurai as Teacher Mitsuishi (voice)

Takahiro Sakurai is a Japanese voice actor who was born in Okazaki. He was a member of 81 Produce and has been attach...

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Michiko Neya
plays Norimichi's Mother (voice)

Michiko Neya as Norimichi's Mother (voice)

Michiko Neya was born on October 4, 1965 and is currently 58 years old.

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Nobuo Tobita
plays Norimichi's Father (voice)

Nobuo Tobita as Norimichi's Father (voice)

Nobuo Tobita is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with Arts Vision. He uses the alias Saburou Gouno for his work on a...

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Mitsuru Miyamoto
plays Yūsuke's Father (voice)

Fumihiko Tachiki
plays Pyrotechnician (voice)

Fumihiko Tachiki as Pyrotechnician (voice)

Fumihiko Tachiki is a Japanese voice actor and narrator. He belong to the Osawa office. Nicknames "Bun-chan and Fumin...

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Takako Matsu
plays Nazuna's Mother (voice)

Jun Inoue
plays Announcer (voice)

Jun Inoue as Announcer (voice)

Jun Inoue (井之上 潤, Inoue Jun, March 10) is a Japanese voice actor from Aichi prefecture. He belongs to Arts Vision.

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Tarusuke Shingaki
plays Food Stall Owner (voice)

Tarusuke Shingaki as Food Stall Owner (voice)

Tarusuke Shingaki (新垣 樽助, Shingaki Tarusuke, June 18, 1976) is a Japanese voice actor from Kumejima, Shimajiri Distri...

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Chiwa Saito
plays Nurse (voice)

Chiwa Saito as Nurse (voice)

Chiwa Saito (斎藤 千和, Saitō Chiwa) is a Japanese voice actress employed by I'm Enterprise. Saitō is one half of the voi...

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Yu Shimamura
plays Nurse (voice)

Yu Shimamura as Nurse (voice)

Yu Shimamura (嶋村 侑, Shimamura Yū) is a Japanese voice actress from Tokyo, Japan. She was formerly affiliated with Off...

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Atsumi Tanezaki
plays Reporter (voice)

Atsumi Tanezaki as Reporter (voice)

Atsumi Tanezaki is a Japanese voice actress formerly affiliated with Toritori Office, but is now represented by Haiky...

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Yuumi Hirota
plays Student (voice)

Yuumi Hirota as Student (voice)

Yuumi Hirota (廣田 悠美, Hirota Yūmi, October 10) is a Japanese voice actress from Aomori Prefecture. She worked at Japan...

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Konomi Kohara
plays Student (voice)

Konomi Kohara as Student (voice)

Konomi Kohara (小原 好美, Kohara Konomi) is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with Office Osawa. She debuted as a voice...

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Shuichi Uchida
plays Student (voice)

Shuichi Uchida as Student (voice)

Shuichi Uchida (内田 修一, Uchida Shūichi, born June 17) is a Japanese voice actor from Tokyo, attached to Intention sinc...

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