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A hit man from the Midwest moves to Los Angeles and gets caught up in the city's theatre arts scene.

Barry ran for 4 seasons.

Main Cast of Barry

Bill Hader
plays Barry Berkman (32 episodes)

Bill Hader as Barry Berkman
Barry Berkman, played by Bill Hader, is a former marine turned hitman who travels to Los Angeles for a job and ends up getting involved in the local theater scene. He struggles to balance his violent career with his newfound passion for acting.

Quotes from Barry Berkman

  1. I don't want to hurt anyone anymore.
  2. I just wanna start fresh and be someone that people can count on.
  3. I'm an actor. I just want to do good work.
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Sarah Goldberg
plays Sally Reed (32 episodes)

Sarah Goldberg as Sally Reed
Sally Reed is a self-absorbed actress who thinks highly of herself and aspires to be a star in the entertainment industry. She becomes the love interest of Barry and is known for her dramatic personality and emotional outbursts.

Quotes from Sally Reed

  1. I'm a damn hurricane, and you're a fingernail trying to scratch my surface.
  2. I'm gonna need a minute to become my best self. Oh wait, I am my best self.
  3. I'm not a cliché, I'm a f*cking Oscar winner.
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Anthony Carrigan
plays NoHo Hank (32 episodes)

Anthony Carrigan as NoHo Hank
NoHo Hank is a gangster and one of the main characters in the TV show Barry. He is originally from Chechnya and runs his own gang in Los Angeles.

Quotes from NoHo Hank

  1. Respect the can!
  2. Hey, hey, hey! It's NoHo Hank!
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Henry Winkler
plays Gene Cousineau (32 episodes)

Henry Winkler as Gene Cousineau
Gene Cousineau is a former actor and the acting coach of Barry Berkman. He is a sophisticated and intelligent man who takes pride in his craft but also has a tendency to be arrogant and self-centered.

Quotes from Gene Cousineau

  1. 'I don't offer constructive criticism, just criticism.'
  2. 'Don't improvise, just deliver the dialogue as written!'
  3. 'Acting is telling a story, and it's always better to tell a story with a hint of truth, don't you think?'
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Stephen Root
plays Monroe Fuches (32 episodes)

Stephen Root as Monroe Fuches
Monroe Fuches is a quirky, yet cunning, criminal who serves as both a mentor and handler to the protagonist, Barry. He's known for his snarky sense of humor and tendency to manipulate situations to his advantage.

Quotes from Monroe Fuches

  1. You can't trust a woman who sleeps with her gun.
  2. Stop thinking like an actor! Start thinking like a stone-cold killer.
  3. Hey Barry, it's your lucky day. You found the one person in the world who doesn't give a shit about what you did.
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Secondary Cast of Barry

Sarah Burns
plays Det. Mae Dunn (8 episodes)

Sarah Burns as Det. Mae Dunn
Det. Mae Dunn is a hard-nosed, no-nonsense police detective who is determined to solve the crimes she's investigating in the show Barry. She's tough, smart, and relentless in her pursuit of justice.

Quotes from Det. Mae Dunn

  1. I don't play games with killers.
  2. I'm not going to let a murderer walk free on my watch.
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Robert Wisdom
plays Jim Moss (11 episodes)

Robert Wisdom as Jim Moss
Jim Moss is a former marine turned professional actor who has a recurring role in the acting class attended by Barry. He is known for his tough exterior and sarcastic sense of humor.

Quotes from Jim Moss

  1. I'd rather watch you suck dolphin d***s than listen to your acting class anecdotes again.
  2. I'm just trying to get my crap together until my next audition for an antidepressant commercial.
  3. Oh, I forgot - this isn't a real class. It's a f*****g therapy session.
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Zachary Golinger
plays John Berkman (8 episodes)

Zachary Golinger as John Berkman
John Berkman is a middle-aged acting teacher and the boss of the eponymous hitman Barry. He takes his job at the acting school very seriously and is known for being strict but fair. John is a complicated character who often finds himself caught between his loyalty to Barry and his own self-preservation.

Quotes from John Berkman

  1. 'You're an actor. Grab the moment, Barry.'
  2. 'Acting is not about pretending, it's about being.'
  3. 'There's no room in this business for mistakes, Barry.'
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Glenn Fleshler
plays Goran Pazar (9 episodes)

Glenn Fleshler as Goran Pazar
Goran Pazar is a Croatian gangster who runs the Chechen mob in LA. He is ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Quotes from Goran Pazar

  1. Nobody refuses Goran Pazar.
  2. We will completely destroy you!
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Patricia Fa'asua
plays Esther (8 episodes)

Paula Newsome
plays Det. Janice Moss (8 episodes)

Paula Newsome as Det. Janice Moss

Paula Newsome is an American actress. In 2021, she appeared in the crime television series CSI: Vegas.

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Nicholas Sean Johnny
plays Theo (1 episode)

Nicholas Sean Johnny as Theo
Theo is a member of the acting class that Barry attends. He is quirky and enthusiastic about acting, but can also be a bit pretentious. Despite his flaws, he is a loyal friend to Barry.

Quotes from Theo

  1. 'Look, I'm not gonna compromise my artistic integrity, okay?'
  2. 'What an excellent call...'
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Tyler Jacob Moore
plays Ryan Madison (1 episode)

Tyler Jacob Moore as Ryan Madison
Ryan Madison is a charismatic and successful actor, known for his good looks and charm. He is the love interest of the main character, Sally, and also a friend of the titular character, Barry. Ryan has a playful and sarcastic sense of humor, but can often be self-absorbed and unaware of the feelings of those around him.

Quotes from Ryan Madison

  1. I think everything happens for a reason. Like, I'm supposed to be a rich and famous movie star. And you're supposed to hand me a Diet Coke while I wait for my pedicure.
  2. I'm an actor, baby. I'm always performing.
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Melissa Villaseñor
plays Diner Waitress (1 episode)

Melissa Villaseñor as Diner Waitress
The diner waitress in the show Barry is a friendly and chatty person who works at the diner that Barry frequents.

Quotes from Diner Waitress

  1. You always order the same thing, Barry. You should mix it up a bit.
  2. Hey there, honey. What can I get for you today?
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Daniel Bernhardt
plays Ronny Proxin (1 episode)

Daniel Bernhardt as Ronny Proxin
Ronny Proxin is a Chechen mobster and an arms dealer, who is considered to be a major threat by Barry Berkman, a hitman.

Quotes from Ronny Proxin

  1. 'You're not a cop. You used to be a Marine, right?'
  2. 'Where's my money?'
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Jessie Giacomazzi
plays Lily Proxin (1 episode)

Christopher Marquette
plays Chris Lucado (4 episodes)

Christopher Marquette as Chris Lucado
Chris Lucado is a detective in the show Barry. He is portrayed as a hard-working and no-nonsense police officer who takes his job seriously.

Quotes from Chris Lucado

  1. I've got a job to do
  2. I don't really give a shit about your pre-Socratic bullshit right now
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Dale Pavinski
plays Taylor Garrett (4 episodes)

Dale Pavinski as Taylor Garrett
Taylor Garrett is a young and ambitious actor who is cast in the acting class alongside Barry. He is confident and often dismissive of others, but has a hidden insecurity about his own talents.

Quotes from Taylor Garrett

  1. That was a joke, you guys.
  2. I'm Taylor, by the way.
  3. It's amazing how much weight you can gain just from drinking water.
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Marinov Dimiter D.
plays Abbas (1 episode)

Marinov Dimiter D. as Abbas
Abbas is a Chechen mobster in the show Barry. He is ruthless and cunning, often using violence to achieve his goals. He is also fiercely loyal to his Chechen boss and will do whatever it takes to protect their interests.

Quotes from Abbas

  1. You cannot intimidate me, my friend. You don't know what intimidation is.
  2. I don't make threats. I make promises.
  3. There is no problem that cannot be solved with the proper application of explosives.
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Deepti Gupta
plays TV Host (1 episode)

Deepti Gupta as TV Host
The TV Host in Barry is a charismatic and well-respected figure in the entertainment industry. With his charming personality and quick wit, he captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression.

Quotes from TV Host

  1. 'It doesn't get better than this, folks!'
  2. 'Thanks for tuning in, hope to see you again soon!'
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Ethan Jones
plays Space Kid (1 episode)

Ethan Jones as Space Kid
Space Kid is a young actor in the television show Barry. He is known for his eccentric behavior, imaginary spaceships, and his belief in the existence of aliens.

Quotes from Space Kid

  1. Aliens are real, man. They're just hiding from us.
  2. Space Kid--out!
  3. Houston, we have a problem.
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Michael Ironside
plays Andrei (1 episode)

Michael Ironside as Andrei
Andrei is a petty criminal and member of the Chechen mob in the show Barry. He is portrayed as tough and hot-headed, and often serves as muscle for the mob.

Quotes from Andrei

  1. You do not want to mess with Chechens!
  2. I will rip you apart!
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Carlos Lacámara
plays Mr. Coleman (1 episode)

Carlos Lacámara as Mr. Coleman
Mr. Coleman is a drama teacher at the acting class where Barry takes classes. He is passionate about acting and takes his job seriously, often pushing his students to embrace their emotions. Mr. Coleman has a somewhat sarcastic sense of humor and is not afraid to call out his students on their shortcomings.

Quotes from Mr. Coleman

  1. 'You need to access the pain!', 'The truth is messy'
  2. 'I'll say it again. Pain is truth. Truth is beauty. Beauty is what we as artists are here to bring into the world'
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Vanessa Bayer
plays Morgan Dawn-Cherry (1 episode)

Vanessa Bayer as Morgan Dawn-Cherry
Morgan Dawn-Cherry is a theatrical agent, who helps aspiring actors and actresses to get acting jobs. She is smart, resourceful, and a skilled negotiator.

Quotes from Morgan Dawn-Cherry

  1. Always be closing, baby.
  2. I have an actress who's more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
  3. I'll go ahead and put this in terms everyone can understand. If we don't do this, I'm gonna kill your client.
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Darrell Britt-Gibson
plays Jermaine Jefrint (2 episodes)

Darrell Britt-Gibson as Jermaine Jefrint
Jermaine Jefrint is a minor character in the show Barry. He is the leader of the Chechen mafia group and is known for his tough persona and sharp wit.

Quotes from Jermaine Jefrint

  1. We don't respect weakness here. We're not a bunch of sports bloggers.
  2. Don't talk to me like I'm some f*cking pierogi salesman!
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Rightor Doyle
plays Nick Nicholby (2 episodes)

Rightor Doyle as Nick Nicholby
Nick Nicholby is a character in the show Barry. He is a member of the Chechen mafia and a close associate of NoHo Hank. Nick is known for his loyalty and his tendency to get personally invested in the Chechen's affairs.

Quotes from Nick Nicholby

  1. What's up, Barry Berkman?
  2. Let's go, my Chechen brethren!
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Brittany Baker
plays Reporter (1 episode)

Brittany Baker as Reporter
The reporter in the show Barry is a persistent, driven journalist who seeks out the truth no matter what the cost. She is dedicated to her job and will stop at nothing to uncover the facts.

Quotes from Reporter

  1. The truth is always worth uncovering, no matter the danger.
  2. I won't rest until I have all the facts and can reveal the full story!
  3. I will get to the bottom of this, no matter what it takes!
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Mark-Paul Gosselaar
plays Mark-Paul Gosselaar (1 episode)

Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays himself in a fictionalized version of the show Barry. He is portrayed as a self-absorbed, pretentious actor who takes himself too seriously.

Quotes from Mark-Paul Gosselaar

  1. I'm Mark-Paul Gosselaar, bitch!
  2. I can't give away too much of my process, but let's just say when I walk into a scene, I feel like a giant, since I'm surrounded by such little people.
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JB Blanc
plays Batir (5 episodes)

JB Blanc as Batir
Batir is a Chechen gangster and one of the main antagonists in the TV show Barry. He is ruthless and violent, with a quick temper and a disregard for human life. Batir is the leader of a group of Chechen mobsters who run a criminal organization in Los Angeles.

Quotes from Batir

  1. You don't talk to me like that!
  2. You have no idea who I am!
  3. I will find you and kill you.
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Marika Dominczyk
plays Ana (2 episodes)

Marika Dominczyk as Ana
Ana is a talented aspiring actress in the show Barry. She is kind and supportive towards her friend Sally, but is also known for being a bit naive at times. She is determined and hardworking, but can also struggle with self-doubt.

Quotes from Ana

  1. 'It's a lifetime of shifts and this is just another one. I can adjust.'
  2. 'I mean, I don't know... maybe I shouldn't even be an actor.'
  3. 'I'm sorry, are we in a romantic comedy or something?'
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Elizabeth Perkins
plays Diane Villa (3 episodes)

Elizabeth Perkins as Diane Villa
Diane Villa is a talented actress, known for her work in a wide variety of roles. She catches the eye of hitman Barry Berkman, becoming his love interest early in the show.

Quotes from Diane Villa

  1. I don't know how to be a hopeless romantic.
  2. You're still just a criminal. I'm an actress. I fake things for a living.
  3. I think I've realized that I want my life to mean something, you know?
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Michael Lanahan
plays Showrunner (2 episodes)

Michael Lanahan as Showrunner
The showrunner on the TV show Barry is a highly stressed-out individual who is constantly juggling different tasks and dealing with the multitude of personalities that make up a TV production team. Despite the challenges, they are passionate about their work and dedicated to making the show a success.

Quotes from Showrunner

  1. 'I don't have time for your drama, we have a show to make.'
  2. 'We have to deliver this episode on time, no matter what.'
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Andrew Leeds
plays Leo Cousineau (4 episodes)

Andrew Leeds as Leo Cousineau
Leo Cousineau, portrayed by actor Andrew Leeds, is a wannabe actor and member of the acting class led by Gene Cousineau in the HBO series Barry. Leo is often seen trying too hard to impress Gene and the others in the class, and can come off as a bit of a try-hard. However, he has a good heart and often means well.

Quotes from Leo Cousineau

  1. What's up, theaterfags?
  2. I'm gonna crush it, baby!
  3. My name's Leo, but you can call me the Master of the Monologue.
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Elsie Fisher
plays Katie Harris (4 episodes)

Elsie Fisher as Katie Harris
Katie Harris is a primary character in the TV show Barry. She is an aspiring actor and one of Barry's acting classmates. She is often insecure and self-conscious, but also has a fierce determination to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Quotes from Katie Harris

  1. 'I'm an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a cardigan.'
  2. 'I'm not a mom. I'm an actor.'
  3. 'I'm gonna go to the Roos-'
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Joe Mantegna
plays Joe Mantegna (2 episodes)

Joe Mantegna as Joe Mantegna
Joe Mantegna plays the role of Monroe Fuches, a seasoned hitman and friend of Barry's who operates as his handler and mentor.

Quotes from Joe Mantegna

  1. I've got good news and I've got bad news. Which do you want first?
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Annabeth Gish
plays Julie (2 episodes)

Annabeth Gish as Julie
Julie is a talented and ambitious actress who dreams of making it big in Hollywood. She befriends the hitman Barry and becomes his love interest, but struggles to balance her career aspirations with her loyalty to Barry.

Quotes from Julie

  1. There's no one as self-involved as an actor.
  2. I think some people are destined to be misfits.
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Joanna Sotomura
plays Casey (2 episodes)

Joanna Sotomura as Casey
Casey is a classmate of Barry's acting class, known for her bubbly personality and eagerness to learn. She is friendly and kind-hearted, always looking for opportunities to engage with her peers and improve as an actor.

Quotes from Casey

  1. 'I'm so excited to be here and learn everything I can!'
  2. 'Wow, Barry, your monologue was amazing!'
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Tom Allen
plays Mitch (1 episode)

Tom Allen as Mitch
Mitch is a member of the Chechen mob and serves as a bodyguard and enforcer alongside his partner Goran. He is known for his intimidating presence and fierce loyalty to his boss, NoHo Hank.

Quotes from Mitch

  1. 'I don't speak f***ing English.'
  2. 'You hurt my feelings, Barry.'
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Sal Lopez
plays Anita's Father (1 episode)

Sal Lopez as Anita's Father
Anita's Father in the show Barry is a loving yet overprotective parent who wants the best for his daughter. He is a hard-working family man who believes in doing the right thing.

Quotes from Anita's Father

  1. 'I don't want any trouble.'
  2. 'I'm just looking out for my little girl.'
  3. 'Anita is the light of my life.'
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Natalia Abelleyra
plays Anita (1 episode)

Natalia Abelleyra as Anita
Anita is a minor character in the show Barry. She is a member of the acting class that Barry attends and often makes comments that are unintentionally funny.

Quotes from Anita

  1. 'I just realized my dad’s on Facebook, everyone hide your a--.'
  2. 'I think it’s beautiful how everyone in here is just trying to play make believe and actually forget how awful the world is.'
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Lee Coc
plays Bolivian Gangster (2 episodes)

Lee Coc as Bolivian Gangster
A ruthless and feared Bolivian gangster, known for his violent tendencies and short temper.

Quotes from Bolivian Gangster

  1. I am in awe of your courage, but not so much of your intelligence.
  2. I don't like funny. Funny is for Americans. You speak the truth, do it with conviction or leave me out of it.
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Jessy Hodges
plays Lindsay Mandel (11 episodes)

Jessy Hodges as Lindsay Mandel
Lindsay Mandel is a self-absorbed actress and part-time acting teacher who crosses paths with the titular character in 'Barry'. She is known for her dramatic flair and tendency to speak her mind without a filter.

Quotes from Lindsay Mandel

  1. 'I am an actress. So you can bet your sweet ass I have secrets'
  2. 'I'm not going to apologize for being multi-faceted'
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Miguel Sandoval
plays Fernando (4 episodes)

Miguel Sandoval as Fernando
Fernando is a flamboyant and dramatic Chechen mobster who hires Barry as a hitman.

Quotes from Fernando

  1. Frontera, motherfucker!
  2. No, no, no, no. This is not how we do it in Chechnya.
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Nick Gracer
plays Yandar (6 episodes)

Nick Gracer as Yandar
Yandar is a Chechen gangster in the TV show Barry. He is known for his aggressive and intimidating behavior, and is often involved in violent crimes. Despite his dangerous reputation, Yandar is shown to have a soft spot for his daughter.

Quotes from Yandar

  1. I do not care for this!
  2. Do not give me your bullshit.
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Turhan Troy Caylak
plays Akhmal (6 episodes)

Turhan Troy Caylak as Akhmal
Akhmal is a Chechen gangster and one of the main antagonists in the tv show Barry. He is violent, unpredictable and has a strong accent. He's always looking for ways to increase his power and influence within the criminal world.

Quotes from Akhmal

  1. You think you can come into my home and threaten me? You're a dead man!
  2. I am not afraid of you, Barry. I will rip out your fucking heart and feed it to you!
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Michael Irby
plays Cristobal (1 episode) , Cristobal Sifuentes (14 episodes)

Michael Irby as Cristobal
Cristobal is a member of the Bolivian crime organization that Barry becomes involved with. He is known for being intimidating and quick to resort to violence.

Quotes from Cristobal

  1. I cannot be happy today
  2. I'm not a toy. You don't get to tell me what to do.
  3. I don't do small talk
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Gary Kraus
plays Chief Krauss (5 episodes)

Gary Kraus as Chief Krauss
Chief Krauss is a high-ranking police officer in the show Barry. He is known for his tough and no-nonsense attitude, often clashing with the main character Barry. He takes his job seriously and is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain law and order.

Quotes from Chief Krauss

  1. You think you're a real smart ass? I don't.
  2. I've never seen someone hit so hard with a sock full of shit
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Laura San Giacomo
plays Annie Eisner (4 episodes)

Laura San Giacomo as Annie Eisner
Annie Eisner is a character in the TV show Barry. She is an aspiring actor who becomes entangled in the criminal underworld.

Quotes from Annie Eisner

  1. I'm an actor. All I have is feelings.
  2. I used to think if you just worked and tried hard that you would succeed, but the world is really not like that.
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James Hiroyuki Liao
plays Albert Nguyen (4 episodes)

James Hiroyuki Liao as Albert Nguyen
Albert Nguyen is a supporting character in the show Barry. He is a friendly and helpful member of the acting class that the protagonist, Barry, joins. Albert is often the go-to guy for technical advice on acting and offers support and encouragement to the other students.

Quotes from Albert Nguyen

  1. 'I gotcha, buddy.'
  2. 'We should all be so lucky as to have a teacher like Gene.'
  3. 'Try it again, but this time, you're speaking to the whole room.'
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Alex MacNicoll
plays Kyle (2 episodes)

Alex MacNicoll as Kyle
Kyle is a struggling actor and aspiring writer who is a member of an acting class taught by Gene Cousineau in the show Barry. He is often seen as the comedic relief, providing sarcastic commentary on the situations around him.

Quotes from Kyle

  1. 'Sorry, I'm late. I just had to bang out a few quick pages of my magnum opus.'
  2. 'I don't trust the clouds.'
  3. 'Do not put the blood on me, Gene.'
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Krizia Bajos
plays Elena (2 episodes)

Krizia Bajos as Elena
Elena is a recurring character in the show Barry. She is the girlfriend of a Chechen mob boss named NoHo Hank, and works as a translator for him and his associates.

Quotes from Elena

  1. I don't know if he's capable of making the hard choices.
  2. You know what they say: never send a Yeshiva boy to do a hit man's job.
  3. Hey babe, I heard someone stole one of your Cristal bottles.
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Fred Melamed
plays Tom Posorro (5 episodes)

Fred Melamed as Tom Posorro
Tom Posorro is a minor character in the show Barry. He is a member of the acting class alongside Barry and often seen participating in class exercises.

Quotes from Tom Posorro

  1. I really felt that!
  2. Wow, that was amazing!
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Karen David
plays Sharon Lucado (2 episodes)

Karen David as Sharon Lucado
Sharon Lucado is a main character on the TV show Barry. She is a detective in the LAPD's Missing Persons Unit, and has a mistrustful and aggressive personality, which often puts her at odds with Barry and his acting class cohorts.

Quotes from Sharon Lucado

  1. 'You can go fuck yourself, Barry.'
  2. 'You know I'm not a hugger, Barry.'
  3. 'I don't have to like you to work with you.'
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Michael Bofshever
plays George Krempf (2 episodes)

Michael Bofshever as George Krempf
George Krempf is a minor recurring character in the TV show Barry. He is a drama teacher at the theater where Barry and his acting class perform.

Quotes from George Krempf

  1. 'You see, there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.'
  2. 'Are you making fun of me, Cristobal?'
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Phil Reeves
plays Bob Jacobson (2 episodes)

Phil Reeves as Bob Jacobson
Bob Jacobson is a recurring character in the show Barry. He is a member of the acting class that Barry attends and often provides comedic relief with his over-the-top behavior.

Quotes from Bob Jacobson

  1. 'My choices are my own!'
  2. 'I don't know what I'm doing!'
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Patrick Fabian
plays space Dad (1 episode)

Patrick Fabian as space Dad
Space Dad is a quirky and fun-loving character from the show Barry. He is a middle-aged man who is obsessed with space and often dresses up in a spacesuit. He is also an acting teacher and mentor to the main character Barry.

Quotes from space Dad

  1. We are all just star stuff, looking up at the stars!
  2. Space is the final frontier, my friend.
  3. To be an actor is to be a vessel, a conduit for human emotion.
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Adrian Quinonez
plays Gustavo (1 episode)

Adrian Quinonez as Gustavo
Gustavo is a Bolivian gangster and the leader of the Bolivian mafia in the show Barry. He is a ruthless and feared drug lord who will do whatever it takes to maintain his power.

Quotes from Gustavo

  1. Words are just words. People will tell you anything if they think it's what you want to hear.
  2. You Americans, you have no respect for tradition.
  3. I don't like when people waste my time, Barry.
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Dan Bakkedahl
plays FBI Agent Curtis (1 episode)

Dan Bakkedahl as FBI Agent Curtis
FBI Agent Curtis is a character in the dark comedy TV show Barry. He is a no-nonsense agent who is determined in his pursuit to bring down Barry, a hitman turned actor.

Quotes from FBI Agent Curtis

  1. You don't even know what you're involved with.
  2. I don't think you understand. I'm gonna be with you 24/7. In your face. Everywhere you go.
  3. I'm a federal agent. You're coming with me.
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Charles Parnell
plays DA Buckner (1 episode)

Charles Parnell as DA Buckner
DA Buckner is the district attorney of LA County in the TV show Barry. He is a tough and tenacious prosecutor who is relentless in his pursuit of justice.

Quotes from DA Buckner

  1. I don't give a shit who's in the interrogation room, they all break eventually.
  2. You're going to be my trophy, Barry.
  3. You're nothing, man. You're nobody. This whole thing will be forgotten in a week.
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Fred Armisen
plays Nestor (1 episode)

Fred Armisen as Nestor
Nestor is a Bolivian drug lord and leader of the Bolivian mafia in Los Angeles. He is a tough and ruthless businessman who is not afraid to get his hands dirty in order to maintain his control over his empire.

Quotes from Nestor

  1. I am not a man to be trifled with.
  2. You do not want to disappoint me, Barry.
  3. I respect strength, and I can see that you have it.
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Guillermo del Toro
plays El Toro (1 episode)

Guillermo del Toro as El Toro
El Toro is a skilled Chechen assassin who is hired by Fuches to take out Barry in the show Barry. He is a serious and deadly character who takes his job very seriously.

Quotes from El Toro

  1. You forgot this.
  2. You misunderstand. We’re not negotiating. This is not a discussion. This is over.
  3. You should be where I can see you.
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David Warshofsky
plays FBI Agent Harris (1 episode)

David Warshofsky as FBI Agent Harris
FBI Agent Harris is a dedicated, by-the-book law enforcement official, tasked with bringing down Barry, a hitman turned aspiring actor.

Quotes from FBI Agent Harris

  1. You think you're the only one with dark thoughts? You ain't.
  2. I have a very strong sense of what's right and wrong.
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Cornell Womack
plays FBI Agent (1 episode)

Cornell Womack as FBI Agent
The FBI agent in the show Barry is a serious and no-nonsense investigator who is determined to catch the criminals in the story. She is confident, intelligent, and has a keen eye for detail.

Quotes from FBI Agent

  1. I don't need your permission.
  2. Stay calm and explain it to me step by step.
  3. Looks like you screwed up.
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Patrick Fischler
plays Lon O'Neil (1 episode)

Patrick Fischler as Lon O'Neil
Lon O'Neil is a seasoned hitman and a former marine who becomes a valuable asset to Fuches and Barry as they try to take down a Bolivian crime lord. He is tough, ruthless, and cunning, but he also has a wry sense of humor that belies his dangerous nature.

Quotes from Lon O'Neil

  1. Are we killin' or what?
  2. Let's get this party started!
  3. No offense, but you seem like a mortal danger to everyone around you.
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Richard Riehle
plays Warden (1 episode)

Richard Riehle as Warden
The Warden, played by actor Andy Carey, is a minor character in the television show Barry. The Warden is an ex-marine who runs the acting class that main character Barry attends to learn acting.

Quotes from Warden

  1. 'You know what they say: 'Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms.'
  2. 'Stop playing grab-ass, Hank!'
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François Chau
plays Bong (1 episode)

François Chau as Bong
Bong is a supportive and enthusiastic member of the acting class attended by the titular character. He is always willing to lend a helping hand and bring positive energy into the group.

Quotes from Bong

  1. 'Do not apologize for being the most interesting fucking person in this class.'
  2. 'I live in the moment. I live in the moment so hard.'
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Ellie Jameson
plays Kristen (1 episode)

Ellie Jameson as Kristen
Kristen is a self-absorbed and vain actress who is part of Gene Cousineau's acting class in Barry. She is highly competitive and likes to be the center of attention.

Quotes from Kristen

  1. 'I'm critically acclaimed! I'm off book!'
  2. 'I'm going to Hollywood, baby!'
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Ericka Kreutz
plays Mrs. O'Neil (1 episode)

Ericka Kreutz as Mrs. O'Neil
Mrs. O'Neil is a recurring character in the dark comedy TV show Barry. She is portrayed as a friendly and talkative older woman who lives in the same apartment building as the show's protagonist, Barry Berkman.

Quotes from Mrs. O'Neil

  1. What a lovely day, isn't it?
  2. I've lived in this building for over 20 years
  3. Oh, you're such a sweet boy, Barry
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Anthony Molinari
plays Shane Taylor (1 episode)

Anthony Molinari as Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor is a seasoned hitman in the show Barry. He is often called upon by Barry to assist in his various contracts. Shane has a no-nonsense attitude and takes his job very seriously.

Quotes from Shane Taylor

  1. 'If you're thinking, you're already dead.'
  2. 'I don't do drama.'
  3. 'I'm the real deal, pal.'
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Tobie Windham
plays Damian (1 episode)

Tobie Windham as Damian
Damian is a charismatic and cunning member of the acting class that Barry enrolls in. He is known for his natural talent and his tendency to manipulate those around him.

Quotes from Damian

  1. 'People have always underestimated me. They see an actor, not a threat.'
  2. 'I'm an instrument of chaos.'
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Andre Hyland
plays Jason (1 episode)

Andre Hyland as Jason
Jason is a drug dealer and an associate of the main antagonist in the show, Barry.

Quotes from Jason

  1. You're gonna get lit up!
  2. I'm gonna slice you up like a cheesecake.
  3. You fucked up, man!
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Jim Cummings
plays Movie Barry Berkman (1 episode)

Jim Cummings as Movie Barry Berkman
Barry Berkman, also known as Barry Block, is a former United States Marine turned hitman who travels to Los Angeles to carry out an assignment and ends up enrolling in an acting class, leading him to discover a new passion and a desire to start a new life.

Quotes from Movie Barry Berkman

  1. I don't want to do that anymore.
  2. I'm an actor now.
  3. I don't want to be that person anymore.
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Kat Foster
plays Liv (1 episode)

Kat Foster as Liv
Liv is a quirky aspiring actress who becomes embroiled in Barry Berkman's hitman world. She is bubbly, creative and always willing to lend a helping hand to her friends. Liv has a good heart and often sees the best in people, even when they don't deserve it.

Quotes from Liv

  1. 'The crafty raccoon always gets the best bread'
  2. 'Take the gig. Trust me, the universe has a great sense of humor'
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Konstantin Podprugin
plays Val (1 episode)

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