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Saving Grace

About Saving Grace

  • Released on October 18, 1998
  • Drama

Grace is a homeless teenager. She befriends an unemployed carpenter and he invites her to share his flat. She moves in and to her surprise a delicate relationship develops. He helps her repair her shattered self-esteem and she begins to feel loved and secure. But then she discovers his secret - he tells her he is Jesus Christ.

Full Cast of Saving Grace

Kirsty Hamilton
plays Grace Kelly Cuthbertson

Jim Moriarty
plays Gerald Hutchinson

Denise O'Connell
plays Grace's mother

James Moriarty
plays Young Gerald

Tina Cleary
plays Receptionist

Wairere Barnsley
plays Sister

Phil Grieve
plays Truck Driver

Phil Grieve as Truck Driver

Phil Grieve was born on April 2, 1966 and is currently 58 years old.

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Crew of Saving Grace

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