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Recreating the Eighth Wonder: The Making of 'King Kong'

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Following the immense success of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson directs King Kong (2005). This documentary follows him, and the immense project from start to finish. It turns out that this one film may actually be a larger task to complete than all 3 of the Lord of the Rings films together.

Full Cast of Recreating the Eighth Wonder: The Making of 'King Kong'

Peter Jackson
plays Self

Peter Jackson as Self

Sir Peter Robert Jackson, (born 31 October 1961) is a New Zealand film director, producer, actor, and screenwriter, k...

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Richard Taylor
plays Self

Richard Taylor as Self

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sir Richard Leslie Taylor KNZM (born 8 February 1965) is the founder, creative...

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Alan Lee
plays Self

Alan Lee as Self

Alan Lee was born on August 20, 1947 and is currently 76 years old.

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Philippa Boyens
plays Self

Philippa Boyens as Self

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Philippa Boyens, MNZM, is a New Zealand screenwriter who co-wrote the screenp...

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Naomi Watts
plays Self

Naomi Watts as Self

Naomi Ellen Watts (born 28 September 1968) is a British actress. After her family moved to Australia, she made her fi...

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Jack Black
plays Self

Jack Black as Self

Thomas Jacob "Jack" Black (born August 28, 1969) is an American actor, comedian, musician, and songwriter. Black is k...

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Colin Hanks
plays Self

Colin Hanks as Self

Colin Lewes Hanks (born November 24, 1977) is an American actor who is best known for his work as Jack Bailey in the ...

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Thomas Kretschmann
plays Self

Thomas Kretschmann as Self

Thomas Kretschmann (born September 8, 1962) is a German actor best known for playing Leutnant Hans Von Witzland in th...

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Andy Serkis
plays Self

Andy Serkis as Self

Andrew Clement Serkis (born 20 April 1964) is an English actor, director and producer of Iraqi and Armenian descent. ...

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Jamie Bell
plays Self

Adrien Brody
plays Self

Adrien Brody as Self

Adrien Nicholas Brody (born April 14, 1973) is an American actor and producer. He received widespread recognition and...

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Frank Darabont
plays Self

Frank Darabont as Self

Frank Darabont (born January 28, 1959) is a Hungarian-American film director, screenwriter and producer who has been ...

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Guy Williams
plays Self

Guy Williams is known for his work on The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Lord of the Rings...

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