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Kenichi and his detective uncle, Shunsaku Ban, leave Japan to visit Metropolis, in search of the criminal, Dr. Laughton. However, when they finally find Dr. Laughton, Kenichi and Shunsaku find themselves seperated and plunged into the middle of a larger conspiracy. While Shunsaku searches for his nephew and explanations, Kenichi tries to protect Tima (a mysterious young girl), from Duke Red and his adopted son Rock, both of whom have very different reasons for wanting to find her.

Full Cast of Metropolis

Kei Kobayashi
plays Kenichi (voice)

Kei Kobayashi
plays Kenichi (voice)

Yuka Imoto
plays Tima (voice)

Kohki Okada
plays Rock (voice)

Tarō Ishida
plays Duke Red (voice)

Kosei Tomita
plays Shunsaku Ban (voice)

Norio Wakamoto
plays Pero (voice)

Norio Wakamoto as Pero (voice)

Graduated from Waseda University.

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Junpei Takiguchi
plays Dr. Laughton (voice)

Junpei Takiguchi as Dr. Laughton (voice)

Junpei Takiguchi was born on April 17, 1931 and passed away 12 years ago at the age of 80 on August 29, 2011.

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Takeshi Aono
plays Ponkotz (voice)

Takeshi Aono as Ponkotz (voice)

Aono Takeshi was a Japanese voice actor and actor affiliated with Aoni Production. He is also known to gamers as the ...

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Masaru Ikeda
plays President Boon (voice)

Masaru Ikeda as President Boon (voice)

Masaru Ikeda was born on September 27, 1942 and is currently 81 years old.

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Shun Yashiro
plays Notarlin (voice)

Toshio Furukawa
plays General/Skunk (voice)

Toshio Furukawa as General/Skunk (voice)

Toshio Furukawa (古川 登志夫, Furukawa Toshio, born July 16, 1946 in what is now part of the city of Tochigi) is a Japanes...

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Shigeru Chiba
plays Lamp (voice)

Shigeru Chiba as Lamp (voice)

Masaharu Maeda (前田 正治, Maeda Masaharu), known by the stage name Shigeru Chiba (千葉 繁, Chiba Shigeru), is a Japanese ac...

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Masashi Ebara
plays Ham and Egg (voice)

Masashi Ebara as Ham and Egg (voice)

Masashi Ebara was born on May 4, 1953 and is currently 71 years old.

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Takaya Hashi
plays Lyon (voice)

Takaya Hashi as Lyon (voice)

Takaya Hashi (土師 孝也 Hashi Takaya, born September 8, 1952) is a veteran Japanese voice actor and actor affiliated with...

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Norihiro Inoue
plays Atlas (voice)

Rikako Aikawa
plays Fifi (voice)

Rikako Aikawa as Fifi (voice)

Rikako Aikawa (愛河 里花子, Aikawa Rikako, October 7) is a Japanese voice actress from Kanagawa Prefecture. She is affilia...

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Tomohisa Aso
plays (voice)

Tomohisa Aso as (voice)

Tomohisa Aso (麻生 智久, Asō Tomohisa, May 13, 1949) is a Japanese voice actor and narrator from Kanagawa prefecture. He ...

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Michael Shitanda
plays (voice)

Michael Shitanda
plays (voice)

Shigeru Shibuya
plays (voice)

Tomoyuki Shimura
plays (voice)

Tomoyuki Shimura as (voice)

Tomoyuki Shimura (志村 知幸, Shimura Tomoyuki, December 12, 1963) is a Japanese voice actor, narrator and actor. He was b...

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Tomokazu Sugita
plays Marduk Party Member/Policeman/Scientist (voice)

Tomokazu Sugita as Marduk Party Member/Policeman/Scientist (voice)

Tomokazu Sugita is a Japanese voice actor who was born on October 11, 1980 in Saitama, Japan. Previously affiliated w...

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Kenichi Suzumura
plays (voice)

Kenichi Suzumura as (voice)

Kenichi Suzumura was born September 12, 1974 in Niigata, Japan and raised in Osaka. He is a voice actor and singer cu...

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Keiichi Sonobe
plays (voice)

Takeshi Sasaki
plays (voice)

Susumu Chiba
plays (voice)

Susumu Chiba as (voice)

Susumu Chiba (千葉 進歩, Chiba Susumu) is a Japanese voice actor. He is contracted with Office Osawa Co. Ltd. Progress ...

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Makoto Higo
plays (voice)

Mami Koyama
plays Enmy (voice)

Mami Koyama as Enmy (voice)

Mami Koyama was born on January 17, 1955 and is currently 69 years old.

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Yuko Minaguchi
plays Female voice (voice)

Yuko Minaguchi as Female voice (voice)

Yuko Minaguchi is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with Aoni Production.

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Rica Matsumoto
plays Female customer (voice)

Rica Matsumoto as Female customer (voice)

Rica Matsumoto was born on November 30, 1968 and is currently 55 years old.

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Daisuke Ryū
plays Special Voice Appearance (voice)

Takashi Yanase
plays Special Voice Appearance (voice)

Go Nagai
plays Special Voice Appearance (voice)

Yutaka Hayashi
plays Special Voice Appearance (voice)

Toshiyuki Honda
plays Special Voice Appearance (voice)

Kozue Okada
plays Special Voice Appearance (voice)

DJ Taro
plays Special Voice Appearance (voice)

Tatsuya Fukunoue
plays Special Voice Appearance (voice)

Ken Ayugai
plays Special Voice Appearance (voice)

Yusuke Suzuki
plays Special Voice Appearance (voice)

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