Cast of
Heart of the Stag

About Heart of the Stag

  • Released on July 28, 1984
  • Drama

Chilling story of a farmhand who realizes his popular boss has been committing incest with his daughter for years.

Full Cast of Heart of the Stag

Bruno Lawrence
plays Peter Daley

Terence Cooper
plays Robert Jackson

Mary Regan
plays Cathy Jackson

Anne Flannery
plays Mary Jackson

Michael Wilson
plays Jack Bestwick

Susanne Cowie
plays Young Cathy

John Bach
plays Shearer

John Bach as Shearer

John Bach was born on June 5, 1946 and is currently 78 years old.

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Timothy Lee
plays Shearer

Greg Naughton
plays Shearer

Tania Bristowe
plays Shearer

Crew of Heart of the Stag

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