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About Hamlet

A young Prince is visited by the Ghost of his father and compelled to vengeance - but can he stop thinking for long enough to do it?

Full Cast of Hamlet

James Lecky
plays Claudius

Yvonne Richardson
plays Gertrude

Stephen Cavanagh
plays Hamlet

Antony Doherty
plays Horatio

Dominic Stewart
plays Polonius

Colin Stewart
plays Rosencrantz

Martin O'Brien
plays Guildenstern

Charlie Hughes
plays First Player

Anne Fitzpatrick
plays Second Player

Damien Devaney
plays Third Player

Thomas Mullan
plays Marcellus

P.J. Gallagher
plays Gravedigger

Richard Hughes
plays The Associate

Keith O’Grady
plays Priest

Matthew Jennings
plays Aussie Rick

Anthony Brown
plays Ghost

Veronica Brown
plays Nurse

Crew of Hamlet