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Cody: Wrong Stuff

About Cody: Wrong Stuff

A young girl dies after a batch of deadly pills find their way into a dance club scene. Cody and Fiorelli attempt to stop others from taking the lethal cocktail as they uncover an established underground manufacturer.

Full Cast of Cody: Wrong Stuff

Gary Sweet
plays Cody

Robert Mammone
plays Fiorelli

Kym Wilson
plays Skye

Simon Bossell
plays Steven Meech

Scott Major
plays Dave

Scott Burgess
plays Mike

Mark Owen-Taylor
plays Peter

Matthew Long
plays Glozier

Mandy McElhinney
plays Sarah

Andrew Rodoreda
plays Michael

Natasha Novak
plays Petra

Alvaro Marques
plays Rodriguez

Shayne Foote
plays Miller

Bill Young
plays Campbell

Bill Young as Campbell

Bill Young was born on June 1, 1950 and is currently 74 years old.

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Peter Ford
plays Solomon

Christopher Lynch
plays Al

Thai Alexis
plays Irena

María Mercedes
plays Raquel

Deborah Hawkins
plays Spanish Student

Julie Hamilton
plays Jean

Dan Wyllie
plays Spider

Dan Wyllie as Spider

Daniel Wyllie (born 1970) is an Australian stage, film and television actor. Wyllie began acting in theatre.

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Tasma Walton
plays Lisa

Kurt Williams
plays Rob

Kellie Hoggart
plays Michelle

Tara Jakszewicz
plays Clare

Monica Wasniewski
plays Gothic Girl

Felicity Coughlan
plays Clare's Mother

Richard Flint
plays Clare's Father

Geoff Barker
plays Thug

Tyson Salijevic
plays Sean

Elizabeth Richmond
plays Mimi

Anita Spring
plays Sam

Melanie Harris
plays Sister Rowley

Jay Mannering
plays John Singer

Katrina Hobbs
plays Female Dealer

Phillip Waller
plays Detective

Tyson McConkey
plays Dealer's Accomplice

Glenn Hoare
plays Spaced Out Kid

Mark Matthews
plays Barman

Dominic Condon
plays Paul

Mark Frauenfelder
plays Large Bouncer

Peter Leciuk
plays Second Bouncer

Chris Hanrahan
plays Nick

Daniel Snowden
plays Mike's Bouncer

François Bocquet
plays Pepe

Crew of Cody: Wrong Stuff

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