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The stage musical Peter Pan starring Cathy Rigby has toured the world to great acclaim. An adaptation of the famous 1954 musical directed by Jerome Robbins and starring Mary Martin, this new version is lasting proof that J.M. Barrie's tale of the boy who would never grow up is one of the kingpins of family entertainment. All the elements are in good form for this video production shot at the Mirada Theater in 2000 for the A&E Network. Some new songs have been added to the fabulous Moose Charlap-Carolyn Leigh score (which includes "Tender Shepherd," "I Gotta Crow," "I'm Flying," and "I Won't Grow Up"). But the biggest asset to this production are the spectacular flying sequences: Peter even soars over the audience at times. Martin was a stronger actress in a close-up, but Rigby is magical with her athleticism and spark, most notably in a percussion-filled song and dance number "Ugh-a-Wug.".

Full Cast of Peter Pan

Cathy Rigby
plays Peter Pan

Paul Schoeffler
plays Mr. Darling / Captain Hook

Elisa Sagardia
plays Wendy Darling

Barbara McCulloh
plays Mrs. Darling / Mermaid

Michael Nostrand
plays Mr. Smee

Dana Solimando
plays Liza / Tiger Lily

Barry Cavanagh
plays John Darling

Drake English
plays Michael Darling

Sam Zeller
plays Starkey

Thomas Buck Mason
plays Nana / Bill Jukes / Crocodile

Alon Williams
plays Curly

Janet Higgins
plays 1st Twin

Joseph Favalora
plays 2nd Twin

Scott Bridges
plays Slightly Soiled

Hally McGehean
plays Tootles

Tony Spinosa
plays Cecco / Pirate / Indian

Randy A. Davis
plays Noodler / Pirate / Indian

Kaitlin McCoy
plays Mermaid

Kim Arnett
plays Pirate / Indian

Jeffrey J. Bateman
plays Pirate / Indian

William Alan Coats
plays Pirate / Indian / Swing

Seth Hampton
plays Pirate / Indian

Steven Petrillo
plays Pirate / Indian

Roger Preston Smith
plays Pirate / Indian

Daniel Valle
plays Pirate / Indian

Theresa McCoy
plays Jane

Crew of Peter Pan

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