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One in the Gun

About One in the Gun

A sexy brain teaser of a thriller with nods to classic film noir of the past mixed with a post-modern flair of David Lynch-style surrealism and surprises. When Mickey Lewis, a homeless struggling artist crosses paths with Katrina, the beautiful rich wife of Arthur Webb and is enlisted to paint their home, deadly passions ignite. Soon hidden agendas, dangerous seductions, double and triple-crosses spiral Mickey's life out of control leading to a motel in the middle of nowhere filled with strange people and twisted secrets that all hold the key to the mystery of Mickey's past, present, and future. All it takes is - ONE IN THE GUN.

Full Cast of One in the Gun

Steven Man
plays Mickey Lewis

Katherine Randolph
plays Katrina Webb

Steven Bauer
plays Arthur

Steven Bauer as Arthur

Steven Bauer (born December 2, 1956) is a Cuban-American actor. He is known for his role as Manny Ribera in the 1983 ...

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Stephen W. Williams
plays Ryan Lansing

Esther Goodstein
plays Belle (as Esther M. Goodstein)

Robert Davi
plays Vincent

James Russo
plays Jimmy

Robert Donavan
plays Willie

Chriss Anglin
plays Art Collector

Kristina Coolish
plays Eve

Dana Fares
plays Heather Newmark

Jennifer Pennington
plays Delphia Newmark

Khris Kaneff
plays The Bag Man

Paul Gebeau
plays Bodyguard

Crew of One in the Gun

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