Cast of
Dear Brutus

About Dear Brutus

  • Released on January 27, 1981

"They say that in the wood you get what nearly everybody here is longing for – a second chance." J. M. Barrie's fantasy play, depicting alternative realities for its characters and their eventual return to real life.

Full Cast of Dear Brutus

Frank Finlay
plays Dearth

Sarah Badel
plays Alice Dearth

Nigel Stock
plays Coade

Peter Egan
plays Purdie

Stratford Johns
plays Matey

Angharad Rees
plays Lady Caroline

Joanna David
plays Mabel Purdie

Joanna David as Mabel Purdie

Joanna David was born on January 17, 1947 and is currently 77 years old.

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Alan Webb
plays Lob

Elizabeth Sellars
plays Mrs. Coade

Angela Scoular
plays Joanna Trout

Chloe Salaman
plays Margaret

Crew of Dear Brutus

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