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In the captivating realm of the movie 'Atlas', viewers are introduced to a dynamic duo, each bringing their unique charm and talent to the screen. Jennifer Lopez assumes the role of Atlas Shepherd, a brilliant and intuitive counterterrorism analyst with a keen intellect and a deeply ingrained distrust of artificial intelligence. Alongside her, the charismatic Simu Liu portrays Harlan Shepherd, a character whose complexities and motivations unfold throughout the narrative. Each character brings a unique perspective to the story, making their interactions and character development a fascinating study.

The movie revolves around Atlas Shepherd, whose brilliance in counterterrorism analysis is as indisputable as her skepticism of AI. Despite her reservations, she finds herself at the epicenter of a mission that takes a turn for the worse. The mission at hand involves capturing a renegade robot, a task that initially seemed straightforward but spirals into chaos. As the events unfold, Atlas is forced to confront her bias against artificial intelligence and reassess her perspective in the face of imminent danger.

The true twist, however, comes when Atlas realizes that the very AI she has distrusted might be her only lifeline. This revelation sets the stage for a gripping narrative, where personal beliefs are questioned, alliances are tested, and the true potential of artificial intelligence is explored. As Atlas and Harlan navigate the complexities of the mission and their own evolving relationship, viewers are taken on a thrilling ride that challenges the traditional boundaries of technology and humanity.

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Jennifer Lopez
plays Atlas Shepherd

Jennifer Lopez as Atlas Shepherd
Jennifer Lopez shines in her role as Atlas Shepherd in the movie 'Atlas', delivering a powerful and captivating performance. As a seasoned and respected investigator attempting to thwart a global terrorist attack, Lopez conveys her character's strong-willed determination and unyielding spirit with remarkable finesse. Her portrayal of Atlas's vulnerabilities and emotional depth adds another layer of authenticity to her already dynamic character. Jennifer Lopez's performance in 'Atlas' is a testament to her exceptional acting prowess, which leaves viewers on the edge of their seats and yearning for more. See Jennifer Lopez's other roles

Simu Liu
plays Harlan Shepherd

Simu Liu as Harlan Shepherd
In the movie 'Atlas', Simu Liu delivers a compelling and nuanced performance as Harlan Shepherd, a resourceful and determined geologist. Liu portrays Harlan's character with remarkable depth, showcasing his strength, vulnerability, and intelligence as he navigates the treacherous landscape of the Atlas program in search of a solution to the Earth's energy crisis. Liu's performance was lauded for his ability to convey Harlan's emotions and internal struggles, making viewers invested in his character's journey as he encounters unexpected dangers and forges alliances with fellow travelers. Overall, Liu's portrayal of Harlan Shepherd in 'Atlas' is a testament to his acting prowess, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and further cementing his status as a talented actor. See Simu Liu's other roles

Sterling K. Brown
plays Colonel Elias Banks

Sterling K. Brown as Colonel Elias Banks
Sterling K. Brown delivers a compelling performance as Colonel Elias Banks in the movie 'Atlas', skillfully embodying the character's intelligence, resilience, and empathy. Brown's layered portrayal draws viewers in as he navigates the high-stakes world of space exploration while balancing the complex relationships with his crew. His measured delivery and captivating screen presence convey the gravity and vulnerability of a leader tasked with both scientific discovery and protecting human lives. Brown's performance elevates the narrative, ensuring that his character's journey resonates deeply with audiences, making Colonel Elias Banks one of his most memorable roles to date. See Sterling K. Brown's other roles

Gregory James Cohan
plays Smith / Dhiib Pilot

Abraham Popoola
plays Casca Decius

Abraham Popoola as Casca Decius
Abraham Popoola delivers an impressive performance as Casca Decius in the movie 'Atlas'. His portrayal of the loyal and battle-hardened soldier is both captivating and authentic. Popoola skillfully balances Casca's unwavering loyalty with his growing doubts, creating a multi-layered character that resonates with the audience. His on-screen presence is commanding, and his interactions with the other characters are dynamic and engaging. Popoola's ability to convey a range of emotions, from stoic determination to deep vulnerability, adds depth and complexity to his character, making his performance one of the standout features of the film. See Abraham Popoola's other roles

Lana Parrilla
plays Val Shepherd

Lana Parrilla as Val Shepherd
In the movie 'Atlas', Lana Parrilla delivers a compelling performance as Val Shepherd, an intelligent and resourceful CIA operative. Parrilla's portrayal showcases her versatility as an actress, effortlessly embodying Val's strength, determination, and quick-thinking nature. Her dynamic on-screen presence and intense gaze add depth to the character, while her nuanced expressions reveal the complexities and underlying emotions Val experiences throughout her mission. Parrilla's captivating performance in 'Atlas' is a testament to her talent and skill in bringing any character she plays to life, making Val Shepherd a memorable and intriguing protagonist. See Lana Parrilla's other roles

Mark Strong
plays General Jake Boothe

Mark Strong as General Jake Boothe

Mark Strong (born Marco Giuseppe Salussolia; 5 August 1963) is a British actor. He is best known for his film roles s...

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Briella Guiza
plays Young Atlas Shepherd

Janis Ahern

Janis Ahern

American Actress based in London. Janis is originally from upstate New York. She graduated from Hartwick College and ...

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Adia Smith-Eriksson
plays Ranger West

Rich Sands

Logan Hunt
plays Ranger Hughes

Jared Shimabukuro
plays Ranger Shindo

Stephanie Heiner

Alfredo Tavares

Ashley J. Hicks
plays Ranger Ora

Paul Ganus
plays Ranger Rodman

Zoe Boyle
plays Zoe (voice)

Charlie Hewson

Howland Wilson
plays Tech

Mel Powell

Justin Walker White
plays SFS Commander

Michelangelo Hyeon
plays SFS Technician

Gloria Cole
plays Arc Pilot

Ernesto Chaverri

Vaughn Johseph
plays News Anchor

Supreet Bedi
plays News Anchor

Lorraine Tai
plays News Anchor

Greg Mckenzie
plays News Anchor

Harj Dhillon
plays News Anchor

James Millard
plays British Field Reporter

Omar Khan
plays Indian Field Reporter

Lesley Fera
plays Hard Hitting News Host

Lesley Fera as Hard Hitting News Host

Lesley Fera is an American actress.

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Tom Knight
plays ICN Military General

Jessica Holmes
plays Newscaster

Samantha Hanratty
plays Communications Officer

Samantha Hanratty as Communications Officer

Samantha Lynne Hanratty is an American actress. Her first lead role took place in 2009, portraying Chrissa Maxwell in...

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Amy Sturdivant
plays Fig / Centurion Engineer

Malachi Mutakabbir
plays Heavy Armor

Patrick Millin
plays Lock

Alio Wencheng Fan
plays Spyder

Tracy Todd
plays Centurion

Geoffrey Hinton
plays Geoffrey Hinton (uncredited)

Dawayne Jordan
plays Centurion (uncredited)

Royce Mealin Jr.
plays Space Engineer (uncredited)

Nicholas Walker
plays ICN Military General (uncredited)

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