Cast of
A Kink in the Picasso

About A Kink in the Picasso

  • Released on October 01, 1990

Two crooked gallery officials swap a Picasso for a fake hoping to make a fortune. When thieves break into the gallery to steal the Picasso, an amusing chain reaction snowballs into a hilarious romp.

Full Cast of A Kink in the Picasso

Peter O'Brien
plays Joe

Jon Finlayson
plays Lionel

Jane Clifton
plays Bella

Andrew Daddo
plays Nick

Jane Menze
plays Alex

Tiriel Mora
plays Stan

Peter Farago
plays Harvey

Mike Bishop
plays Tony

Femi Taylor
plays Nadia

Dore Kraus
plays Mr. Yamazaki

Peter Hosking
plays Minister

John Flaus
plays O'Connell

Jim Daly
plays Guard

Kevin Cotter
plays Arnold

Peter Culpan
plays Taxi Driver

Peter Flett
plays Barney

Bruce Crowl
plays Humphreys

Louise Siversen
plays Reporter

Glenn Ruehland
plays Postman

David Le Page
plays Guard

Mitchell Faircloth
plays Racecaller

Paul Sime
plays Newsreader

Banu Erzeren
plays Gallery Announcer

Crew of A Kink in the Picasso

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