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A typical morning. The usual music. Their normal lives. The peace these seven girls experience will suddenly be destroyed. By the living dead... zombies. A reality that they never wanted a part of, an amazing and terrifying zombie world. They all share one wish: "We want to live." These girls will struggle through this saga, in order to achieve a miracle.

Main Cast of Zombieland Saga

Mamoru Miyano
plays Kotaro Tatsumi (voice) (24 episodes)

Mamoru Miyano as Kotaro Tatsumi (voice)

Mamoru Miyano is a Japanese voice actor and singer. He has also appeared as Prince Ismir in the stage production "Cre...

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Kaede Hondo
plays Sakura Minamoto (voice) (24 episodes)

Kaede Hondo as Sakura Minamoto (voice)

Kaede Hondo (本渡 楓, Hondo Kaede, born March 6, 1996) is a Japanese voice actress from Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. She is...

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Asami Tano
plays Saki Nikaidou (voice) (24 episodes)

Asami Tano as Saki Nikaidou (voice)

Asami Tano was born on February 12, 1987 and is currently 37 years old.

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Risa Taneda
plays Ai Mizuno (voice) (24 episodes)

Maki Kawase
plays Junko Konno (voice) (24 episodes)

Maki Kawase as Junko Konno (voice)

She is voice actress. A member of Art Vision.

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Rika Kawai
plays Yuugiri (voice) (24 episodes)

Minami Tanaka
plays Lily Hoshikawa (voice) (24 episodes)

Minami Tanaka as Lily Hoshikawa (voice)

Minami Tanaka (田中 美海, Tanaka Minami, Janary 22, 1996) is a Japanese voice actress born in Kanagawa Prefecture. She is...

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Kotono Mitsuishi
plays Tae Yamada (voice) (24 episodes)

Kotono Mitsuishi as Tae Yamada (voice)

Kotono Mitsuishi is a Japanese voice actress and narrator from Tokyo. She was affiliated with Arts Vision and Lasley ...

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Secondary Cast of Zombieland Saga

Momoko Notomi
plays Misa Azumatsuru (voice) (2 episodes)

Hina Tachibana
plays Girl (voice) (1 episode)

Serika Hiromatsu
plays Mother (voice) (1 episode)

Serika Hiromatsu as Mother (voice)

Serika Hiromatsu (弘松 芹香, Hiromatsu Serika, born November 8) is a Japanese voice actress from Kōchi, Japan. She speaks...

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Seiko Tamura
plays PR Manager (voice) (1 episode)

Go Inoue
plays Employee (voice) (1 episode)

Sora Tokui
plays Shiori (voice) (1 episode)

Yosuke Akimoto
plays Amamote (voice) (1 episode)

Tsuyoshi Koyama
plays Takeo Gou (voice) (1 episode)

Tsuyoshi Koyama as Takeo Gou (voice)

Tsuyoshi Koyama was born on October 4, 1967 and is currently 56 years old.

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Komina Matsushita
plays Reiko Kirishima (voice) (1 episode)

Rina Honnizumi
plays Migigawa (voice) (1 episode)

Rina Honnizumi as Migigawa (voice)

Rina Honnizumi (本泉 莉奈, Hon'izumi Rina, February 4) is a Japanese voice actress from Fukushima Prefecture. She is affi...

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Azumi Waki
plays Sayama (voice) (1 episode)

Azumi Waki as Sayama (voice)

Azumi Waki (和氣 あず未, Waki Azumi) is a voice actress (seiyuu) and singer from Tokyo, Japan. She is affiliated with Haik...

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Hiroshi Naka
plays Old Man (voice) (1 episode)

Hiroshi Naka as Old Man (voice)

Hiroshi Naka is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with Ken Production.

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Hochu Otsuka
plays Barkeeper (voice) (1 episode)

Hochu Otsuka as Barkeeper (voice)

Hochu Otsuka (大塚 芳忠, Ōtsuka Hōchū, born Yoshitada Ōtsuka [same kanji], May 19, 1954) is a Japanese voice actor and na...

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Hiroyuki Yoshino
plays Police Officer A (voice) (7 episodes)

Hiroyuki Yoshino as Police Officer A (voice)

Hiroyuki Yoshino is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with Sigma Seven. He uses the alias Shun Kazama for adult works.

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Yasuhiro Takato
plays Romero (voice) (10 episodes)

Toru Nara
plays Ookoba (voice) (4 episodes)

Ryohei Kimura
plays Inuhashi (voice) (4 episodes)

Ryohei Kimura as Inuhashi (voice)

Ryohei Kimura is a Japense voice actor

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Aoi Koga
plays Maria Amabuki (voice) (2 episodes)

Aoi Koga as Maria Amabuki (voice)

Aoi Koga was born on August 24, 1993 and is currently 30 years old.

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Crew of Zombieland Saga

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