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About Zilch

Sam works on the tolls and likes to listen. He overhears more than he bargains for and becomes embroiled in a mishmash of corruption and blackmail. Anna is a hooker who specializes in throwing tomatoes at ageing weirdos. Sam and Anna's paths cross as he works to expose shady maneuvrings by the CEO of Infacorp, who is out to land a contract to build a tunnel under Auckland harbour.

Full Cast of Zilch

Michael Mizrahi
plays Sam

Lucy Sheehan
plays Anna

John Watson
plays Curtis

Peter Tait
plays Eric

Roy Billing
plays Gary Hyde

Eddie Campbell
plays Tony

William Bullock
plays Harbour Commissioner

Sylvia Rands
plays Melissa

Andy Anderson
plays Lawyer

Louise Graham
plays Amber

Peter Stevens
plays Todd

Frank Whitten
plays Engineer

Lee Grant
plays Cara

Brenda Kendall
plays Tolls supervisor

Crew of Zilch

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