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The story centres around Yutori-chan, a high school girl assigned to a part-time job in the marketing team of a medium-sized toy company called Popuu. There, she deal with the generation gaps that separate her from Tsumekomi-chan and Dankai-san.

Full Cast of Yutori-chan

Aoi Yuki
plays Yutori Tanaka (voice) (25 episodes)

Aoi Yuki as Yutori Tanaka (voice)

Aoi Yuki (悠木 碧, Yūki Aoi, born March 27, 1992) is a Japanese voice actress (seiyuu), actress and singer from Sanmu Ci...

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Walt Disney
plays Mickey Mouse

Kana Hanazawa
plays Shiori Tsumekomichi (voice) (25 episodes)

Kana Hanazawa as Shiori Tsumekomichi (voice)

Kana Hanazawa is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with the Office Osawa talent agency. In 2012 she made her debut ...

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Pinto Colvig
plays Pluto

Akeno Watanabe
plays Reiko Dankain (voice) (25 episodes)

Akeno Watanabe as Reiko Dankain (voice)

Akeno Watanabe is a Japanese voice actress and narrator affiliated with Office Osawa. Some of her notable voice roles...

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Seiro Ogino
plays Boss (voice) (10 episodes)

Seiro Ogino as Boss (voice)

Seiro Ogino was born on October 10, 1971 and is currently 52 years old.

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Ai Nonaka
plays Keiko Iyashi (voice) (6 episodes)

Mitsuaki Hoshino
plays Manager (voice) (12 episodes)

Hiromu Miyazaki
plays Patient (voice) (1 episode) , Meguru Otsu (voice) (6 episodes)

Masahito Yabe
plays Bubble-san (voice) (4 episodes)

Ayumi Fujimura
plays Visitor (voice) (1 episode) , Yutori's Mom (voice) (3 episodes)

Kikuko Inoue
plays Magical Woman (voice) (1 episode)

Kikuko Inoue as Magical Woman (voice)

Kikuko Inoue is a Japanese voice actress, narrator and singer. She is the founder and manager of voice-acting company...

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Kanae Oki
plays TV Show Host (voice) (1 episode)

Crew of Yutori-chan

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