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About Young Hercules

Young Hercules was a spin-off from the 1990s syndicated television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. It was aired on Fox Kids from September 12, 1998, to May 12, 1999. It lasted one season with 50 episodes and starred Ryan Gosling in the title role.

Main Cast of Young Hercules

Ryan Gosling
plays Hercules (50 episodes)

Ryan Gosling as Hercules

Ryan Thomas Gosling (born November 12, 1980) is a Canadian actor. Prominent in independent film, he has also worked i...

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Dean O'Gorman
plays Iolaus (50 episodes)

Chris Conrad
plays Jason (50 episodes)

Jodie Rimmer
plays Lilith (50 episodes)

Jodie Rimmer as Lilith

Jodie Rimmer was born on January 1, 1974 and is currently 50 years old.

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Nathaniel Lees
plays Cheiron (50 episodes)

Angela Marie Dotchin
plays Kora (50 episodes)

Joel Tobeck
plays Strife (50 episodes)

Joel Tobeck as Strife

Born in 1971 in Auckland, New Zealand, He is a well known actor in New Zealand with over 20 years acting experience J...

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Jason Hoyte
plays Hephaestus (50 episodes)

Katrina Browne
plays Cyane (50 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Young Hercules

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, born Kevin Todd Smith on March 16, 1963, in Auckland, New Zealand, was an actor best known for his role ...

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Peta Rutter

Mfundo Morrison

Erik Thomson

James Gaylyn
plays Theban Envoy (1 episode)

Andrew Kovacevich
plays Hunter #3 (1 episode)

Rodney Cook
plays Thug (1 episode)

Chantelle Yee
plays Young Woman (1 episode)

Sonia Gray
plays Mila (1 episode)

Asa Lindh
plays Nymph (1 episode)

Marek Sumich
plays Neolun (1 episode)

Toi Iti
plays Cratus (1 episode)

Terry Batchelor
plays Soldier #2 (1 episode)

Barry Duffield
plays Maximus (1 episode)

John Dybvig
plays Thug (1 episode)

Ray Woolf
plays Barker (1 episode)

Janine Burchett
plays Fake Erytheia (1 episode)

Chris Ryan
plays Ogre (1 episode)

Irene Wood
plays Pemphredo (1 episode)

Stephanie Wilkin
plays Lea (1 episode)

Cameron Smith
plays Cadet (1 episode)

Jo-Anna Crichton
plays Neina (1 episode)

Crew of Young Hercules

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