Cast and Crew of With Love

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With Love

About With Love

The Diaz siblings, Lily and Jorge, are on a mission to find love and purpose. They cross paths with seemingly unrelated residents during some of the most heightened days of the year—the holidays.

With Love ran for 2 seasons.

Main Cast of With Love

Isis King
plays Sol Perez (11 episodes)

Desmond Chiam
plays Nick Zhao (11 episodes)

Todd Grinnell
plays Miles Murphy (11 episodes)

Pepe Serna
plays Luis Delgado (8 episodes)

Secondary Cast of With Love

Tamiah Bantum
plays Pixie (1 episode)

Andre Royo
plays Laz Zayas (5 episodes)

Robert Almodovar
plays Padre (1 episode)

Sandra Cevallos
plays Tia Carmela (3 episodes)

J. Rene Pena
plays Tia Nene (1 episode)

Ludo Vika
plays Tia Bertica (1 episode)

Angelique Cabral
plays Daphne (2 episodes)

Kalen Allen
plays Cyn (3 episodes)

EJ Johnson
plays Melo (3 episodes)

Jon Ecker
plays Taylor (1 episode)

Tate Moore
plays Emily (1 episode)

W. Tré Davis
plays Andre (5 episodes)

Blanca Araceli
plays Facunda (1 episode)

Katee Shean
plays Hostess (1 episode)

Kecia Lewis
plays Mia (1 episode)

Fernando Martinez
plays Chuey (5 episodes)

Julissa Calderon
plays Annie (4 episodes)

Brent Pope
plays Ben (2 episodes)

Amor Owens
plays Lea (2 episodes)

Cameron Esposito
plays Chauncey (1 episode)

Danielle Perez
plays Zari (1 episode)

Shaylaren Hilton
plays Kiki (1 episode)

Jeff Meacham
plays Kevin (1 episode)

John Wusah
plays Elvis (1 episode)

Lorin McCraley
plays Bob (1 episode)

Rebeka Montoya
plays Tia Anita (1 episode)

Crew of With Love