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  • Released on January 17, 2005
  • Drama

As a group of young multi-national relief workers struggle to deliver medical aid on the front lines of civil war in South Sudan, natural and human catastrophes lead to escalating conflict and famine. Tension becomes unbearable as larger and larger civilian populations are displaced.

Full Cast of Whiskey Echo

Joanne Kelly
plays Jenna Breeden (4 episodes)

Joanne Kelly as Jenna Breeden

Joanne Kelly is a Canadian actress, known for her appearances in films such as Going the Distance and in TV series su...

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Dominique McElligott
plays Rachel (4 episodes)

Dominique McElligott as Rachel

Dominique McElligott (born March 5, 1986) is an Irish actress. She has appeared as a series regular on Raw (2008), He...

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Callum Keith Rennie
plays Rollie Saunders (4 episodes)

Callum Keith Rennie as Rollie Saunders

Callum Keith Rennie (born 14 September 1960) is a Canadian television and film actor. He started his career in Canadi...

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David Alpay
plays Carlo Scanchelli (4 episodes)

David Alpay as Carlo Scanchelli

David Alpay is an actor and producer.

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Jason Barry
plays Raff Fletcher (4 episodes)

Jason Barry as Raff Fletcher

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jason Barry (born 14 December 1972) is an Irish actor. He is best known for hi...

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