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Gilbert Grape is a small-town young man with a lot of responsibility. Chief among his concerns are his mother, who is so overweight that she can't leave the house, and his mentally impaired younger brother, Arnie, who has a knack for finding trouble. Settled into a job at a grocery store and an ongoing affair with local woman Betty Carver, Gilbert finally has his life shaken up by the free-spirited Becky.

Full Cast of What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Johnny Depp
plays Gilbert Grape

Johnny Depp as Gilbert Grape

John Christopher Depp II (born June 9, 1963) is an American actor, producer and musician. He is the recipient of vari...

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Leonardo DiCaprio
plays Arnie Grape

Leonardo DiCaprio as Arnie Grape

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (born November 11, 1974) is an American actor and film producer. Known for his work in biop...

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Juliette Lewis
plays Becky

Juliette Lewis as Becky

Juliette Lake Lewis (born June 21, 1973) is an American actress and singer. She is known for her portrayals of offbea...

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Mary Steenburgen
plays Betty Carver

Mary Steenburgen as Betty Carver

Mary Nell Steenburgen (born February 8, 1953) is an American actress. She was most successful for playing the role of...

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Darlene Cates
plays Bonnie Grape

Laura Harrington
plays Amy Grape

Mary Kate Schellhardt
plays Ellen Grape

Kevin Tighe
plays Ken Carver

Kevin Tighe as Ken Carver

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kevin Tighe (b. Jon Kevin Fishburn; August 13, 1944) is an American character ...

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John C. Reilly
plays Tucker Van Dyke

John C. Reilly as Tucker Van Dyke

John Christopher Reilly (born May 24, 1965), better known as John C. Reilly is an American film and theatre actor. De...

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Crispin Glover
plays Bobby McBurney

Crispin Glover as Bobby McBurney

Crispin Hellion Glover (born April 20, 1964) is an American film actor, director and screenwriter, recording artist, ...

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Penelope Branning
plays Becky's Grandma

Tim Green
plays Mr. Lamson

Susan Loughran
plays Mrs. Lamson

Robert B. Hedges
plays Minister

Mark Jordan
plays Todd Carver

Cameron Finley
plays Doug Carver

Brady Coleman
plays Sheriff Jerry Farrel

Tim Simek
plays Deputy

Nicholas Stojanovich
plays Boy #1

Libby Villari
plays Waitress

Kay Bower
plays Police Secretary

Joe Stevens
plays Burger Barn Manager

Mona Lee Fultz
plays Bakery Worker

George Haynes
plays Dave

Daniel Gullahorn
plays Boy #2

David H. Kramer
plays Group (voice)

Brent Bratton
plays Burger Barn Employee (uncredited)

Kirk Hunter
plays Townfolk (uncredited)

Buck Reynolds
plays Juvenile Heckler (uncredited)

David Stanford
plays Townsperson (uncredited)

Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake

Ricki Pamela Lake (born September 21, 1968) is an American television host and actress. She is known for her lead rol...

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