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Minare Koda, a floor manager at a small restaurant in Sapporo, tries to deal with her bad breakup with an ex-boyfriend. In the process, she drunkenly vents her frustrations to an older man sitting next to her at a local bar. The following day, she discovers that the man works as a producer at a nearby radio station, which broadcast her drunken ramblings over the airwaves.

As Minare's voice gains her more attention than her work at the restaurant, she ends up becoming a late-night radio talk show host at the same station, trying to balance her talk show with her daytime life to make ends meet.

Full Cast of Wave, Listen to Me!

Fuka Koshiba
plays Minare Koda (8 episodes)

Kazuki Kitamura
plays Kanetsugu Mato (8 episodes)

Ryota Katayose
plays Chuya Nakahara (8 episodes)

Nanoka Hara
plays Mizuho Nanba (8 episodes)

Nanoka Hara as Mizuho Nanba

Nanoka Hara was born on August 26, 2003 and is currently 20 years old.

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Aya Hirano
plays Chishiro Madoka (8 episodes)

Aya Hirano as Chishiro Madoka

Aya Hirano is a Japanese voice actress and singer. After graduating from high school, she began seriously pursuing he...

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Mantaro Koichi
plays Kureko Katsumi (8 episodes)

Mizuki Nishimura
plays Takarada Yoshiki (8 episodes)

Yurika Nakamura
plays Tachibana Makie (8 episodes)

Manami Igashira
plays Hakosaka Fumi (8 episodes)

Chika Nakagawa
plays Kuko Ran (8 episodes)

Crew of Wave, Listen to Me!

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