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About Water Rats

Water Rats is an Australian TV police procedural broadcast on the Nine Network from 1996 to 2001.

Main Cast of Water Rats

Peter Bensley
plays Chief Inspector Jeff Hawker (177 episodes)

Toni Scanlan
plays Senior Sergeant Helen Blakemore (177 episodes)

Raelee Hill
plays Constable Tayler Johnson (89 episodes)

Catherine McClements
plays Detective Senior Constable Rachel 'Goldie' Goldstein (116 episodes)

Jay Laga'aia
plays Senior Constable Tommy Tavita (151 episodes)

Scott Burgess
plays Senior Sergeant Dave McCall (132 episodes)

Allison Cratchley
plays Senior Emma 'Woodsy' Woods (114 episodes)

Colin Friels
plays Detective Senior Constable Frank Holloway (109 episodes)

Steve Bisley
plays Det. Sgt. Jack Christey (97 episodes)

Brett Partridge
plays Senior Constable Gavin 'Sykesy' Sykes (177 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Water Rats

Dee Smart
plays Det. Snr. Const. Alex St. Clare (64 episodes)

Aaron Jeffery
plays Senior Constable Terry Watson (42 episodes)

Sophie Heathcote
plays Senior Constable Fiona Cassidy (30 episodes)

Bill Young
plays Chief Inspector Clarke Webb (26 episodes)

Bill Young as Chief Inspector Clarke Webb

Bill Young was born on June 1, 1950 and is currently 74 years old.

See Bill Young's other roles

David Baldwin

Aaron Pedersen

Joel Edgerton
plays Crosby (2 episodes)

Joel Edgerton as Crosby

Joel Edgerton (born 23 June 1974) is an Australian actor, director, writer, and producer. He has appeared in the film...

See Joel Edgerton's other roles

Rebekah Elmaloglou
plays Christina Mangano (2 episodes)

Kieran Darcy-Smith

Peter Phelps

Anne Tenney

Sonia Todd

Tara Morice

Ron Haddrick

Abe Forsythe

Lex Marinos
plays Bellamy (2 episodes)

Marton Csokas

Marton Csokas

Marton Csokas (born 30 June 1966) is a New Zealand film and television actor. Description above from the Wikipedia a...

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Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dominic Haakon Myrtvedt Purcell (born 17 February 1970) is a British-born Aus...

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Scott McGregor

Nic Bishop

Myles Pollard

Rodger Corser

Ryan Kwanten
plays Nipper (1 episode)

Les Hill
plays Adrian Madigan (1 episode)

Simmone Jade Mackinnon

Alexander Petersons
plays Craddock (1 episode)

Maggie Kirkpatrick

Bree Desborough
plays Sally (1 episode)

Chris King

Pippa Grandison
plays Fran Marsden (1 episode)

Jerome Ehlers

Kimberley Joseph

Kimberley Joseph

Kimberley Joseph was born on August 30, 1973 and is currently 50 years old.

See Kimberley Joseph's other roles

Anita Hegh

Bryan Marshall
plays Inspector Michael Farrell (4 episodes)

Leah Purcell

Michela Noonan

John Walton
plays Constable No. 2 (7 episodes)

Julian Garner

Salvatore Coco
plays Michael Gallo (1 episode) , Alex Grenville (2 episodes)

Linda Cropper

Christine Stephen-Daly

Jamie Croft

Helen Scott
plays Joy Godfrey (2 episodes)

Melissa Bell
plays Lisa Hubbard (1 episode)

Li Yang
plays Mr. Diem (1 episode)

Ivar Kants

Simone Buchanan

Shane McNamara

John Noble

John Noble

John Noble (born 20 August 1948) is an Australian actor. He is known for his roles as Denethor in the Lord of the Rin...

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Anthony Simcoe

Wayne Pygram

Wayne Pygram

Wayne Pigram (born 13 October 1959), better known by his stage name Wayne Pygram, is an Australian actor, known for h...

See Wayne Pygram's other roles

Abi Tucker
plays Amy Collins (1 episode)

Paul Tassone

Lynette Curran

Nicholas Opolski

David Roberts

Rod Taylor
plays Coach (1 episode)

Anja Coleby
plays Woman Jogger (1 episode)

Andy Anderson

Gigi Edgley

Peter Sumner

Peter Sumner

Peter Sumner was born on January 29, 1942 and passed away 7 years ago at the age of 74 on November 22, 2016.

See Peter Sumner's other roles

Kellie Jones
plays Donna Clarke (1 episode)

Christopher Hobbs
plays Larry Hyde (1 episode)

Scott Major
plays Flasher (1 episode)

Nadine Garner
plays Shelley Andrews (1 episode)

Alexandra Davies
plays Elyse Pritchard (2 episodes)

Jon Pollard
plays Greg Winton (1 episode)

Bruce Barry
plays Reg Costello (1 episode)

Kelly Butler
plays Greta Ritchie (1 episode)

Patsy Stephen
plays Daphne Bridgeman (1 episode)

Jinny McCallister
plays Mrs. Hansen (1 episode)

Andrew Lewis
plays Ferry Skipper (1 episode)

Peter Heath
plays Mr. Hansen (1 episode)

Katy Edwards
plays 2nd Student (1 episode)

Kristen Duff
plays Carly Hansen (1 episode)

Gary Deacon
plays Charter Skipper (1 episode)

Don Atkinson
plays Senior Counselor Russel (2 episodes)

William Zappa
plays Conran (2 episodes)

Jacqueline Linke
plays Negligee Bandit (2 episodes)

Alan David Lee
plays Jim Flemming (2 episodes)

Pat Hutchinson
plays Mrs. Fredericks (2 episodes)

Peter Hehir
plays Clifford Bowen (2 episodes)

Ken Goodlet
plays Mr. Fredericks (2 episodes)

Damien Foley
plays Danny Forrest (2 episodes)

Jeremy Chance
plays Powell (2 episodes)

Stewart Armstrong
plays Quarantine Officer (1 episode)

Arthur Brigg
plays The Groper (1 episode)

David Downer
plays Stephen Vickery (1 episode)

Pamela Drysdale
plays Patty Holloway (3 episodes)

Julie Fuad
plays Joanne Welsh (1 episode)

Rocky McDonald
plays Man in Water (1 episode)

Dave McLean
plays Bus Driver (1 episode)

Morna Seres
plays Angie (1 episode)

Gary Simmons
plays Constable No. 1 (1 episode)

Bianca Sulkowicz
plays Nikki (1 episode)

Brig Taylor
plays Kikki's Grandmother (1 episode)

David Terry
plays Warren Martin (1 episode)

Liza Tyler
plays Waitress (1 episode)

Christopher Tomkinson
plays Detective Constable Brad Piper (1 episode)

James Roden
plays Jack Godfrey (1 episode)

Jan Ringrose
plays Mrs. Carson (1 episode)

Martin Raphael
plays Morgue Attendant (1 episode)

Jo Phillips
plays Shannon Douglas (1 episode)

Russell Newman
plays SLSC Secretary (1 episode)

Matthew Jackson
plays Clinton James (1 episode)

Marc Aden Gray
plays Todd Morris (1 episode)

Marc Aden Gray as Todd Morris

Marc Aden Gray is an actor and writer.

See Marc Aden Gray's other roles

Liz Chance
plays Julie Haynes (2 episodes)

John Boxer
plays Bouncer (1 episode)

Stephen Anderton
plays Constable Robert Spring (1 episode)

Tom Appleton
plays Steve Holt (1 episode)

Reilly Baker
plays Joe Holloway (1 episode)

Eleni Batley
plays Sarah Holloway (1 episode)

Alan Cinis
plays Brookes (1 episode)

Annie Davis-McCubbin
plays Emma Healy (1 episode)

Jose Element
plays Grieves (1 episode)

Harold Hopkins
plays Union Representative (1 episode)

Christy McNicol
plays Connie Wellings (1 episode)

Vic Murray
plays Bludger Riley (1 episode)

Terry Porter
plays Priest (1 episode)

June Townsend
plays Mabel (1 episode)

Chris Baz
plays Damien (1 episode)

Gary Waddell
plays Billy Pope (1 episode)

Michael Burgess
plays Sergeant Capella (1 episode)

May Howlett
plays Old Woman (1 episode)

Matthew John
plays Constable #1 (1 episode)

Tony Poli
plays Carlo Rispoli (2 episodes)

John Samaha
plays Radio Operator (6 episodes)

Sal Sharah
plays Mr. Rispoli (2 episodes)

Josephine Byrnes
plays Agent Carter (1 episode)

Kevin Copeland
plays Agent Sean Doherty (1 episode)

Andrew Fennessey
plays Francis Diem (1 episode)

Glenn Hoare
plays Denny (1 episode)

Grace Parr
plays Mrs. Diem (1 episode)

Leo Roldan
plays Jonnie Nguyen (1 episode)

Lisa Van Der Veer
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Avril Wynne
plays Female Police Officer (1 episode)

Dominic Bianco
plays Rollie Campbell (1 episode)

Peter Carroll
plays Joseph Craig (1 episode)

Gypsy Dorney
plays Senior Constable Annie Schmidt (2 episodes)

Jamie Jackson
plays Glenn Forbes (2 episodes)

Helene Joy
plays Lucy White (1 episode)

Jack Mayers
plays Constable Pearson (2 episodes)

Joshua Rosenthal
plays Gary White (2 episodes)

Terry Serio
plays Lieutenant Con Vellis (2 episodes)

Martin Slatter
plays Docs Officer (1 episode)

Jonathon Speer
plays Recreational Diver (1 episode)

Daniel Taylor
plays Pete (2 episodes)

George Alexander
plays Portly Man (1 episode)

Elizabeth Baker
plays Old Lady (1 episode)

Sandra Best
plays Mrs. Morley (1 episode)

Lawrence Carmichael
plays Rick Spencer (1 episode)

Liz Burch
plays Susan Webb (2 episodes) , (4 episodes)

Kate Champion
plays Laura Murphy (1 episode)

Rowan Cudmore
plays Windsurfer (1 episode)

Giordano Gangl
plays Mamat Dursan (1 episode)

Barbara Gouskos
plays Fatma Dursan (1 episode)

Rebecca Lean
plays Tien Tray (1 episode)

David Lewis
plays Harold Morley (1 episode)

Marilyn Mayo
plays Mrs. Browning (1 episode)

Robbie McGregor
plays Steve Murphy (2 episodes)

Sitori Statham
plays Hirsute Man (1 episode)

Kathryn Dunn
plays Debbie Goldstein (1 episode)

Alan Flower
plays Briggs (1 episode)

Kenny Graham
plays Sherman (1 episode)

Robert Lancaster
plays Surveillance 1 (1 episode)

Betty Lucas
plays Sybil Grantham (1 episode)

Natalie Page
plays Customer (1 episode)

David Pfitzner
plays Print Expert (1 episode)

Tyson Salijevic
plays Bill (1 episode)

Liz Winters
plays Attendant (1 episode)

John Andrews
plays Jeremy's Father (1 episode)

Rudi Baker
plays Jeremy (1 episode)

Felix Biviano
plays Constable #1 (1 episode)

Roger Chauncy
plays Holloway's Father (1 episode)

Leon Ford
plays First Probationer (1 episode)

Kim Knuckey
plays Sgt. John Thompson (1 episode)

Henry Koui
plays Tony Wong (1 episode)

John Massey
plays Carter (1 episode)

Peter Rowley
plays Pathologist (1 episode)

Shena Sanders
plays Constable #1 (1 episode)

Jason Smith
plays Neil Wilson (1 episode)

Gail Watson
plays Zoo Keeper (1 episode)

Jeremy Callaghan
plays Detective Senior Constable Kevin Holloway (11 episodes)

Amanda Dettrick
plays Crime Scene Officer (1 episode)

Les Foxcroft
plays Old Man (1 episode)

Tyson McConkey
plays Boy on Yacht (1 episode)

Lindsay McCormack
plays Tattoo Artist (1 episode)

Steve Rodgers
plays Peter (1 episode)

Aisha Scheerer
plays Girl on Yacht #2 (1 episode)

Leah Tansey
plays Girl on Yacht (1 episode)

Brandon Burke
plays Captain Rasheed Kassem (1 episode)

Meg Clancy
plays Court Officer (1 episode)

Wadih Dona
plays Rev. Alex Kaldas (1 episode)

Andrew S. Gilbert
plays Jimmy Holloway (8 episodes)

Douglas Hedge
plays 'Skip' Towne (1 episode)

Simon Mills
plays Ken McDowell (1 episode)

Gianfranco Negroponte
plays Jim Pappas (2 episodes)

Adnan Rashed
plays Iraqi Chief Officer (1 episode)

Robert Simper
plays Nick Polites (1 episode)

Susie Steadman
plays Mrs. Pappas (1 episode)

Kristen Boys
plays Tanya Robertson (1 episode)

Sally Cahill
plays Janice Brock (1 episode)

Anthony Ingersent
plays Mr. McKenna (1 episode)

Jan Langford Penny
plays Mrs. Kenna (1 episode)

John Mason
plays Witness No. 2 (1 episode)

Sean McKenzie
plays Pathologist (1 episode)

Ji Ming
plays Eel Man (1 episode)

Leanne Mueller
plays Young Woman (1 episode)

Roslyn Oades
plays Bonnie Jamieson (1 episode)

Mark Power
plays Identikit Expert (1 episode)

Jill Robertson
plays Teacher (1 episode)

Dennis Tordoff
plays Witness No. 1 (1 episode)

Marc Turner
plays Teenager (1 episode)

David Webb
plays Detective Mick Poole (1 episode)

Pat Bishop
plays Miranda Lathem (1 episode)

Fatt Bob
plays Vincent Ravli (1 episode)

Geoff Cartwright
plays Chris Walsh (1 episode)

Helen Dallimore
plays Katie Wood (1 episode)

Ron Rodger
plays Senior Constable O'Brien (2 episodes) , Detective Senior Constable O'Brien (2 episodes)

Casey Huang
plays Thong Nguyen (1 episode)

Patrick Thompson
plays Andy (1 episode)

Skye Wansey
plays Penny Reeves (1 episode)

Colin Borgonon
plays Robert Jennings (1 episode)

Richard Healy
plays Detective Inspector Brady (1 episode) , Inspector Brady (2 episodes) , Detective Inspector Tony Brady (3 episodes) , Inspector Tony Brady (5 episodes)

Marina Finlay
plays Gretchen Hart (1 episode)

Mark Goodwin
plays Jet Ski Double (1 episode)

Phillip Holder
plays Paul Robson (2 episodes)

Peter Kowitz
plays Marty Miller (2 episodes)

Barry McMahon
plays Dero (1 episode)

Kenneth Moraleda
plays Tony Nguyen (2 episodes)

Sky Tse
plays Hunan Clan Leader (1 episode) , Captain Huang (1 episode)

Andrew Oughton
plays Jet Ski Rider (1 episode)

Mark Symington
plays Senior Sergeant (1 episode)

Helen Thomson
plays Anne Harvey (1 episode)

Craig Ashley
plays Chris Kollias, Pappa's Solicitor (1 episode) , Chris Kollias (1 episode)

John Tutt
plays Grant Davis (1 episode)

Steven Grives
plays Jonathan Goldstein (1 episode) , Jonathon Goldstein (6 episodes)

Michael Walker
plays Constable (1 episode)

Ella-Mei Wong
plays Mrs. Nguyen (2 episodes)

George Catsi
plays Second Nurse (1 episode)

David Franklin
plays Detective Snr. Const. Chris Theodorou (1 episode) , Detective Chris Theorodou (1 episode)

Lynn Dalby
plays Grace Mason (1 episode)

Matt Day
plays Matthews (1 episode)

Sean Dibben
plays Sean Lawrence (1 episode)

Nash Edgerton
plays Greg Solly (1 episode)

Nash Edgerton as Greg Solly

Nash Edgerton is an Australian film director and stuntman.

See Nash Edgerton's other roles

Paul Epriesi
plays Worker (1 episode)

Traci Griffiths
plays Sonia (1 episode)

Geoff Bartlett
plays Bluey (1 episode) , Wedding Guest (1 episode)

Emma Habermann
plays Dr. Heller (1 episode)

Julian Leatherdale
plays Jarvis (1 episode)

Mary Regan
plays Detective Caroline Cox (1 episode) , Senior Constable Caroline Cox (3 episodes)

Kristen Mann
plays Ron Mason (1 episode)

Annette McNaught
plays First Nurse (1 episode)

Marshall Napier
plays Joe Da Silva (1 episode)

Glenn Ruehland
plays Peter Randall (1 episode)

Paul Schnell
plays Worker (1 episode)

Frank Austin
plays The Dead Merv (1 episode)

Tony Byrne
plays Cruiser Owner (1 episode)

Anthony Cogin
plays Mark Ruscati (1 episode)

Peter Harvey-Wright
plays Paul Roberts (1 episode)

Sacha Horler
plays Christine Martin (1 episode)

Mark Hudson
plays Phillip Haynes (1 episode)

Kate McKnight
plays Blakemore's Friend (1 episode)

Sarah Peirse
plays Margaret Roberts (1 episode)

Gonzalo Vargas
plays Fisherman (1 episode)

Yigal Babluki
plays Farah (1 episode)

Michael Beckley
plays Roger Mulray (1 episode)

Blazey Best
plays Penny Randall (1 episode)

Brendan Donoghue
plays Michael (1 episode)

Simon Elrahi
plays Yousef (1 episode)

Jodi Matterson
plays Lucy (1 episode)

Angela McGrath
plays Florist (1 episode)

David Price
plays David (1 episode)

Graham Rhodes
plays Gordon (1 episode)

Digby Thomas
plays Ferry Captain (1 episode)

Carmen Warrington
plays Mrs. Scali (1 episode)

Ian Bliss
plays Colin Fleetwood (2 episodes)

Linden Wilkinson
plays Moira Randall (2 episodes)

Lloyd Darling
plays Grant Stewart (1 episode)

Julie Hudspeth
plays Mrs. Stewart (1 episode)

Jennifer Hardy
plays Constable Lee-Anne Rheinberger (1 episode) , Lee-Anne Rheinberger (1 episode) , Lee-Ann Rheinberger (1 episode)

Celia Ireland
plays Sarah Fleetwood (2 episodes)

Coral McGee
plays Ranger (1 episode)

Nellie McQuinn
plays Tegan Fleetwood (2 episodes)

Damian Monk
plays Senior Constable Lance Stewart (1 episode)

Christopher Morsley
plays Ross Beale (2 episodes)

Marcus Schultz
plays Ranger (1 episode)

Scott Swalwell
plays Liam Parrish (1 episode)

Keith Buckley
plays Mr. Scali (2 episodes)

Angelo D'Angelo
plays Peter Mills (1 episode)

Jamie Happell
plays Nick's Friend (1 episode)

Joy Smithers
plays Gabi Cunningham (1 episode)

Danny Celoni
plays Nick Kollias (2 episodes)

Tamara Cook
plays Barb Cooper (1 episode)

Michelle Dyer
plays Ella Calhoun (1 episode)

Bob Ellis
plays Ron Briggs (1 episode)

Kim Hillas
plays Norma Irvine (1 episode)

David Hoey
plays Freddie Spicer (1 episode)

Joanna Moore
plays Mrs. Calhoun (1 episode)

Marilynne Paspaley
plays Helena Kollias (2 episodes)

Jaye Paul
plays Stevie Cooper (1 episode)

Genevieve White
plays Toni Calhoun (1 episode)

Kee Chan
plays Detective Derek Li (1 episode)

Felino Dolloso
plays Ship steward (1 episode)

Bronte Pulman
plays Baby Tam (1 episode) , Baby Fleetwood (1 episode)

Xuan Mai
plays Patrick Wu (1 episode)

Michael Parlato
plays Diver (1 episode)

Rose Semsarian
plays Cleaning Lady (1 episode)

Michael Withall
plays Ship's Captain (1 episode)

Mi Lei Zhen
plays Hunan Woman (1 episode)

Helen Buday
plays Peggy Newland (1 episode)

Heather Coady
plays Joy Watson (1 episode)

Tony Giuffre
plays Inspector Maloney (1 episode)

Chris Haywood
plays Peter Anderson (1 episode)

Gillian Hyde
plays Sarah Franklin (2 episodes)

Mark Lee
plays Harry Pierce (1 episode)

Mark Lee as Harry Pierce

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Mark Lee (born 1958) is an Australian actor and director, whose most promi...

See Mark Lee's other roles

Sean O'Shea
plays Les Craig (1 episode)

Ed Roundtree
plays Willam Newland (1 episode)

Rodney Samuel
plays Inspector Heath (1 episode)

Darren Williams
plays Crime Scene Officer (1 episode)

Peter Astridge
plays Ross (1 episode)

John Gilson
plays Minder #1 (1 episode)

Donna Gubbay
plays Kirsty Knight (1 episode)

Matthew Long
plays Mick Crowley (1 episode)

Duncan Piney
plays Martin Muller (1 episode)

Tom Richards
plays Dan Manning (1 episode)

Joseph Williams
plays Yobbo #1 (1 episode)

Enrico Babic
plays Radio Operator (20 episodes)

Jenny Apostolou
plays Cynthia (2 episodes)

Barbara Baker
plays Mrs. Salvi (1 episode)

Danielle Baker
plays Mrs. Jones (1 episode)

Chris Castle
plays Detective #1 (1 episode)

Peter Mochrie
plays Detective Sergeant John 'Knocker' Harrison (22 episodes)

Treffyn Koreshoff
plays David Goldstein (10 episodes)

Norman Kaye
plays Felix Friedman (2 episodes)

Michael Peros
plays Bride's Brother (1 episode)

Veronica Porcaro
plays Gemima Brierly (2 episodes)

Ineke Rapp
plays Kylee (1 episode)

Elizabeth Richmond
plays Probationer (1 episode)

Alex Morcos
plays Mario Rispoli (2 episodes)

Lindy Sardelic
plays Joanne (2 episodes)

Christopher Saunders
plays Mr. Jones (1 episode)

Josh Quong Tart
plays Yo (1 episode)

Lani Tupu
plays Fereti Tavita (2 episodes)

Darrin Klimek
plays Rob Noyce (1 episode)

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