Cast and Crew of Waking the Dead

Cast of
Waking the Dead

About Waking the Dead

A congressional candidate questions his sanity after seeing the love of his life, presumed dead, suddenly emerge.

Full Cast of Waking the Dead

Park Jin-young
plays Yang Jin-man (32 episodes)

Ahn Sun-Young
plays Kang Oh-seon (16 episodes)

Jang Woo-young
plays Jason (16 episodes)

plays Kim Pil-sook (16 episodes)

Ham Eun-jeong
plays Yoon Baek-hee (16 episodes)

Ahn Seo-hyun
plays Ko Hye-sung (16 episodes)

Han Bo-reum
plays Ha So-hyeon (16 episodes)

Jeong Ah-rin
plays Jung Ah-jung (16 episodes)

Kang So-ra
plays Shin Hae-sung (16 episodes)

Jeong Jin-woon
plays Jin Yu-jin (16 episodes)

Park Ji-yeon
plays Rhee-ahn (16 episodes)

Im Jae-beom
plays JB (16 episodes)

plays Nana (16 episodes)

Yoo So-young
plays Park Soon-dong (16 episodes)

plays Ailee (16 episodes)

plays Jung Ui-bong (16 episodes)

Jeong Yeon-joo
plays Yi-seul (16 episodes)

Kim Jung-tae
plays Lee Kang-cheol (16 episodes)

Bae Suzy
plays Ko Hye-mi (16 episodes)

Uhm Ki-joon
plays Kang Oh-hyuk (16 episodes)

Bae Yong-jun
plays Jung Ha-myung (16 episodes)

Jeon Min-Joon
plays Jo In-sung (16 episodes)

Lee Yoon-mi
plays Maeng Seung-hee (16 episodes)

Kim Soo-hyun
plays Top Star Playing Song Sam-dong (1 episode) , Song Sam-dong (16 episodes)

Crew of Waking the Dead