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Unnatural Causes

About Unnatural Causes

  • Released on November 08, 1986
  • Drama

Series of seven psychological dramas concerning death by unnatural causes.

Full Cast of Unnatural Causes

Prunella Scales
plays Judith (1 episode)

Brian Cox
plays Vic (1 episode)

Brian Cox as Vic

​Brian Denis Cox, CBE (born 1 June 1946) is a Scottish actor. He is known for his work with the Royal Shakespeare Com...

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Jim Norton
plays Gordon (1 episode)

Belinda Lang
plays Helen Cassady (1 episode)

Gina McKee
plays Nancy (1 episode)

Tom Bell
plays Harold (1 episode)

Patricia Phoenix
plays Nellie (1 episode)

Tom Georgeson
plays Stanley (1 episode)

Victoria Fairbrother
plays Mrs. Hargreaves (1 episode)

Miranda Richardson
plays Anne Forrest (1 episode)

John Duttine
plays John Forrest (1 episode)

John Cater
plays Perry (1 episode)

Ann Mitchell
plays Morved (1 episode)

Robert Stephens
plays Vince (1 episode)

Alfred Burke
plays Colonel Waley (1 episode)

Bryan Pringle
plays Bundock (1 episode)

Ronald Pickup
plays James Tripp (1 episode)

Fiona Walker
plays Evelyn Tripp (1 episode)

Nigel Stock
plays Monks (1 episode)

Andrew Ray
plays Leach (1 episode)

Tracie Bennett
plays Cheryl (1 episode)

Warren Clarke
plays Dan (1 episode)

Annette Crosbie
plays Helen (1 episode)

Annette Crosbie as Helen

Annette Crosbie was born on February 12, 1934 and is currently 90 years old.

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Robert Daws
plays Vicar (1 episode)

Frances de la Tour
plays Marcia (1 episode)

Julia Deakin
plays Pamela (1 episode)

Perry Fenwick
plays Keith (1 episode)

Alan Howard
plays Grahame (1 episode)

Alan Howard as Grahame

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Alan MacKenzie Howard, CBE, (5 August 1937–14 February 2015) was an English ac...

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Mellan Mitchell
plays Mr. Mahmood (1 episode)

Crew of Unnatural Causes

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