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Unfinished Business

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  • Released on October 04, 1985

Maureen's biological clock is ticking, and she wants a baby. Her husband George is unable to oblige. When Maureen bumps into Geoff, a former lover from years ago she decides he might be able to supply the wanted seed. But the scientific controls on their weekend encounter soon give way to natural urges and the consummation is concluded with tenderness.

Full Cast of Unfinished Business

John Clayton
plays Geoff

Michele Fawdon
plays Maureen

Norman Kaye
plays George

Call Ricketson
plays Alice Benson

Bob Ellis
plays Geoff's Flatmate

Andrew Lesnie
plays Telegraph Boy

Andrew Lesnie as Telegraph Boy

Andrew Lesnie ACS ASC was an Australian cinematographer. He was best known as the cinematographer for The Lord of the...

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