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Tulsa King

About Tulsa King

Just after he is released from prison after 25 years, New York mafia capo Dwight “The General” Manfredi is unceremoniously exiled by his boss to set up shop in Tulsa, Okla. Realizing that his mob family may not have his best interests in mind, Dwight slowly builds a “crew” from a group of unlikely characters, to help him establish a new criminal empire in a place that to him might as well be another planet.

Tulsa King ran for 2 seasons.

Main Cast of Tulsa King

Jay Will
plays Tyson Mitchell (9 episodes)

Dashiell Connery
plays Clint (7 episodes)

McKenna Quigley Harrington
plays Grace (6 episodes)

Justin Garcia-Pruneda
plays Security Guard Fred (6 episodes)

Robert Walker Branchaud
plays Carson Pike (5 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Tulsa King

Patrick Ferraro
plays Mario (2 episodes)

Denton Blane Everett
plays Curtis (1 episode)

Rim Basma
plays Melissa (1 episode)

Wendy Pennington
plays Middle Aged Woman (1 episode)

Ashley Wood
plays Bar Manager (1 episode)

Sabreena Iman
plays Bachelorette #2 (1 episode)

Kelsey Cartwright
plays Bachelorette #3 (1 episode)

Nicole Shalhoub
plays Agent Anne Gibson (1 episode)

Jonathan Joss
plays Bad Face (2 episodes)

Juliette Jeffers
plays Angie (2 episodes)

Carmine Famiglietti
plays Eddie (1 episode)

Nick Swezey
plays FedEx Clerk (1 episode)

Victor Samuel Lopez
plays Jorge (1 episode)

Jamal Williams
plays Front Desk Clerk (1 episode)

Brian Shoop
plays Larry (2 episodes)

Susanne Marley
plays Homeless Woman (1 episode)

Eliseo Garcia
plays Customer (1 episode)

Andrew Olson
plays Groom (1 episode)

Loren Dunn
plays Emory (4 episodes)

Dan Waller
plays Edgar Dumont (1 episode)

Mike Iveson
plays Paul Cheevers (1 episode)

Rory Gross
plays Tommy (2 episodes)

Dakota Yandle
plays Girl at Party (1 episode)

Rob Goodman
plays Balloon Man (1 episode)

Ty Johnson
plays Young Man (1 episode)

Eduardo Saucedo
plays Worker (1 episode)

Angel Rosario Jr.
plays Robbie Trucotte (3 episodes)

Andhy Méndez
plays ATF Agent Howland (1 episode)

Geri-Nikole Love
plays ATF Agent Langway (4 episodes)

John Kelly
plays ATF Agent McQuaid (3 episodes)

Jonathan Kirkland
plays Officer Burke (1 episode)

Dani Deetté
plays Officer Mulroney (1 episode)

Alpha Trivette
plays Bert the Tailor (1 episode)

Tyler Elliot Burke
plays Davy (3 episodes)

Zackary Brooks
plays Devin (1 episode)

Soleil Patterson
plays Alliyah Mitchell (1 episode)

Dallas Oshae
plays Julius Mitchell (1 episode)

James Cable
plays Businessman (1 episode)

Travis Quentin
plays Payne (4 episodes)

Lou Mastantuono
plays Joe (2 episodes)

Lynn Andrews III
plays Cranston (1 episode)

David Maldonado
plays Brewin (2 episodes)

Andrew Olson
plays Groom (1 episode)

Joseph Riccobene
plays Jerry Izzo (3 episodes)

Phyllis Pastore
plays Denise (1 episode)

Richard Rella Jr.
plays Joe Jr. (1 episode)

Mary Corigliano
plays Stella (1 episode)

Ed Kershen
plays Walter (1 episode)

Alexandra Matteo
plays Linda (2 episodes)

Dani Marco
plays Celia (2 episodes)

Jeremy Denzlinger
plays Weatherwax (2 episodes)

Terrance Charles
plays Guard #1 (1 episode)

Preston Ward
plays Guard #3 (1 episode)

Gabrielle Reyes
plays Cherisse (2 episodes)

Marissa Joy Davis
plays Young Woman #1 (1 episode)

Jillian Goldman
plays Young Woman #2 (1 episode)

Samara Gonzalez
plays Young Woman #3 (1 episode)

Dathan Smith
plays Waiter Captain (1 episode)

Bismark Quintanilla Jr.
plays Eduardo (1 episode)

Rupert Reyes
plays Manuel (1 episode)

Marta Reiman
plays Waitress (1 episode)

Alessandro Garcia
plays Agent Oscar Ruiz (3 episodes)

Aaron Cavette
plays Agent Watters (2 episodes)

Danielle Smith
plays Amelie (1 episode)

Pierce Eckmann
plays Cody (2 episodes)

Henry Eckmann
plays Ryan (2 episodes)

Anthony Patellis
plays Father Colicchio (1 episode)

Ron Castellano
plays Nicky D (1 episode)

Timothy Batten
plays Moss Wheelwright (2 episodes)

Layne Lunsford
plays Richie (1 episode)

Tisha Bradford
plays Doctor (1 episode)

Carter Brown
plays Young Man (1 episode)

Emily Northcutt
plays Female Bartender (1 episode)

Meagan Flynn
plays Cop #1 (1 episode)

DeShawn Young
plays Cop #2 (1 episode)

James Whitecloud
plays Eddie Longcreek (1 episode)

Chris Mitri Dynneson
plays Gary Whitehorse (1 episode)

Jay R. Adams
plays Red (1 episode)

Marlon Ladd
plays ATF Computer Tech #1 (1 episode)

Chris Wolpert
plays ATF Computer Tech #2 (1 episode)

Edna Garcia
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Robert Allen Young
plays Salesman (1 episode)

Crew of Tulsa King