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Shocked to discover that her bland and unremarkable computer consultant husband is a skilled international spy, an unfulfilled suburban housewife is propelled into a life of danger and adventure when she's recruited to work alongside him to save the world as they try to revitalize their passionless marriage.

True Lies ran for 1 season.

Main Cast of True Lies

Secondary Cast of True Lies

Carlo Rota
plays Francois (1 episode)

Andy Martin
plays Mikkel Rand (1 episode)

Andrea Laing
plays Cherry (1 episode)

Ray Gaspard
plays Lawrence (1 episode)

Christian Juru
plays Valet (1 episode)

Jenny Mercein
plays Professor Gilpin (1 episode)

Jeremy Dean
plays Construction Crew Leader (1 episode)

Neal Kodinsky
plays Muller (1 episode)

Jonathan Spencer
plays Weapons Expert (1 episode)

Jonathan D. Williams
plays Albanian Politician (1 episode)

Drew Ater
plays Psyops Bro (1 episode)

Aaron Gillespie
plays Security Chief (1 episode)

David E. Collier
plays Guard (1 episode)

Tom Connolly
plays Ian (1 episode)

Elizabeth Carlile
plays Tiffany (1 episode)

Chad Darnell
plays Croupier (1 episode)

Bodhi Rader
plays Casino Security Guard (1 episode)

Crew of True Lies