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When schoolteacher Kieran Johnson discovers that his father was not a French sailor (as he had been led to believe) but rather an Irish farmer, he looks to his mother for answers. When she refuses to provide any, Kieran travels to Ireland.

Full Cast of This Is My Father

Aidan Quinn
plays Kieran O'Day

Aidan Quinn as Kieran O'Day

Aidan Quinn is an Irish-American actor. He made his film debut in 1984 in Reckless. His films include Desperately See...

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James Caan
plays Kieran Johnson

James Caan as Kieran Johnson

James Edmund Caan (/kɑːn/ KAHN; March 26, 1940 – July 6, 2022) was an American actor who was nominated for several aw...

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Stephen Rea
plays Mission Priest

John Cusack
plays Eddie Sharp

John Cusack as Eddie Sharp

John Paul Cusack (born June 28, 1966 - Height: 6' 2½") is an American film actor and screenwriter. He has appeared in...

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Jacob Tierney
plays Jack

Colm Meaney
plays Seamus

Colm Meaney as Seamus

Colm J. Meaney (born 30 May 1953) is an Irish actor widely known for playing Miles O'Brien in Star Trek: The Next Gen...

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Donal Donnelly
plays John Maney

Brendan Gleeson
plays Garda Jim

John Kavanaugh
plays Liam Finneran

Eamon Morrissey
plays Father Mooney

Maria McDermottroe
plays Mrs. Maney

Gina Moxley
plays Widow Flynn

Moya Farrelly
plays Fiona Flynn

Moira Deady
plays Mrs. Kearney

Susan Almgren
plays Betty

Pauline Hutton
plays Maria

Fiona Glascott
plays Nuala

Françoise Graton
plays Old Fiona

Joel Gordon
plays Brian Winters

Alexandra Spunt
plays Female Student

Victoria Sanchez
plays Female Student

Victoria Sanchez as Female Student

Victoria Sanchez is a Spanish-born Canadian writer, producer, film and television actress.

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Terrence Scammell
plays Chicago Radio DJ

Pat Leavy
plays Woman Farmer

Aiden Condron
plays Bartender

Peadar Lamb
plays Man in Pub

Sean Madden
plays Man in Pub

Pat Shortt
plays Garda Ben

Sheila Flitton
plays Mrs. Madigan

Nevan Finegan
plays Petie Madigan

Oran Finnegan
plays Davey Madigan

Karen Ardiff
plays Young Mrs. Kearney

Michael Byrne
plays Michael Finnegan

Marian Quinn
plays Concepta

Michael West
plays Nosey Nolan

Michael K. DeVaney
plays Young Suitor

Karl Hayden
plays Town Lad

Gavin O'Connor
plays Town Lad

Kieran Hanrahan
plays Band Leader

Frank O'Dwyer
plays Dance Chaperone

Andrew Bennett
plays Mr. Kearney

Devon Murray
plays Christy

Devon Murray as Christy

Devon Murray was born on October 28, 1988 and is currently 35 years old.

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Brendan Conroy
plays Undertaker

Gary Merrigan
plays Child Finnegan

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