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The World Is Yours

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To escape his life of crime, a Paris drug dealer takes on one last job involving Spain, unhinged gangsters, his longtime crush and his scheming mother.

Full Cast of The World Is Yours

Karim Leklou
plays Farés

Isabelle Adjani
plays Danny

Vincent Cassel
plays Henri

Vincent Cassel as Henri

Vincent Cassel (born 23 November 1966) is a French actor. He first achieved recognition for his performance as a trou...

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Oulaya Amamra
plays Lamya

François Damiens
plays René

Philippe Katerine
plays Vincent the Lawyer

Philippe Katerine as Vincent the Lawyer

Philippe Blanchard (born December 8, 1968), known professionally as Philippe Katerine, is a French singer-songwriter,...

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Sam Spruell
plays Bruce

Sam Spruell as Bruce

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sam Spruell is a British actor. His film credits include Defiance (2008), Eli...

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Gabby Rose
plays Brittany

Sofian Khammes
plays Poutine

Mounir Amamra
plays Mohamed 1

Boris Gamthety
plays Zairian Chief

Ousmane Ly
plays Zairian 1

Ladj Ly
plays Paoudré

Michael Treanor
plays Glasgow Ranger

Norbert Ferrer
plays Mr. Lhermitte

Marie Coulonjou
plays Mme. Lhermitte

Meriem Serbah
plays Danny's Algerian Girlfriend

Audrey Langle
plays Danny's Gallic Girlfriend

Farida Ouchani
plays Danny's Duchess Girlfriend

Alexis Manenti
plays Uber Driver

Mohamed Lemine
plays Pogba

Miles Kane
plays Karaoke Singer

Doris Pelissier
plays Danny's Girl

Jonas Dinal
plays Security Agent

John Landis
plays Couple

John Landis as Couple

John Landis (born August 3, 1950) is an American film director, screenwriter, actor, and producer. He is known for hi...

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Deborah Landis
plays Couple

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