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The Wood Demon

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  • Released on November 17, 1974

A luncheon party gathers to celebrate a wealthy unmarried man's birthday; his sister hopes he'll marry Sonya, the daughter of a selfish gout-ridden old professor who makes life Hell for his son George and his young wife, Helen. At the luncheon is Khrushchov, a passionate environmentalist, called "the Wood Demon" by all, in love with Sonya and she with him, but neither will say it. Two weeks later there's a family meeting at the professor's estate; two weeks after that, a supper at the cabin of Dyadin, who's cheerful to all. George, Helen, Sonya, and Khrushchov are each suffocating. Can any of them take action?

Full Cast of The Wood Demon

Ian Holm
plays Khrushchov

Ian Holm as Khrushchov

Sir Ian Holm Cuthbert CBE (12 September 1931 – 19 June 2020) was an English actor. After beginning his career on the ...

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Francesca Annis
plays Helen

Ronald Hines
plays Voynitsky

Angela Pleasence
plays Julia

Angela Pleasence as Julia

Daphne Anne Angela Pleasence, better known as Angela Pleasence, is an English actress. Trained in theatre, Pleasence'...

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Ronald Fraser
plays Serbryakov

Donal McCann
plays Theodore

Cyril Luckham
plays Orlovsky

Geoffrey Bayldon
plays Dyadin

Daphne Heard

Crew of The Wood Demon

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