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The Wind Rises

About The Wind Rises

A lifelong love of flight inspires Japanese aviation engineer Jiro Horikoshi, whose storied career includes the creation of the A-6M World War II fighter plane.

Full Cast of The Wind Rises

Hideaki Anno
plays Jiro Horikoshi (voice)

Hideaki Anno as Jiro Horikoshi (voice)

Hideaki Anno (born May 22, 1960 in Ube, Yamaguchi) is a Japanese animation and film director. Anno is best known for ...

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Hidetoshi Nishijima
plays Honjô (voice)

Miori Takimoto
plays Naoko Satomi (voice)

Masahiko Nishimura
plays Kurokawa (voice)

Stephen Alpert
plays Castorp (voice)

Mansai Nomura
plays Giovanni Battista (voice)

Jun Kunimura
plays Hattori (voice)

Jun Kunimura as Hattori (voice)

Jun Kunimura (國村 隼 Kunimura Jun, born November 16, 1955 in Kumamoto, Japan) is a Japanese actor known for his role as...

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Mirai Shida
plays Kayo Horikoshi (voice)

Shinobu Otake
plays Mrs. Kurokawa (voice)

Morio Kazama
plays Satomi (voice)

Keiko Takeshita
plays Jirô's mother (voice)

plays German Security Guard / Flight Engineer (voice)

Kaichi Kaburagi
plays Young Jiro Horikoshi (voice)

Maki Shinta
plays Young Kayo Horikoshi (voice)

Crew of The Wind Rises

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