Cast and Crew of The Whistler

Cast of
The Whistler

About The Whistler

  • Released on March 30, 1944

A guilt-ridden man blames himself for his wife's death and secretly pays an assassin to kill him. But then he finds out that his wife isn't dead at all. And now the assassin is on his trail, with no way to call off the hit.

Full Cast of The Whistler

Richard Dix
plays Earl C. Conrad

Gloria Stuart
plays Alice Walker

Gloria Stuart as Alice Walker

Gloria Stuart (1910–2010) was an American actress, activist, painter, bonsai artist and fine printer. She is best kn...

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J. Carrol Naish
plays The Killer

Alan Dinehart
plays Gorman

Trevor Bardette
plays The Bum in the Next Bed (Uncredited)

William Benedict
plays The Deafmute (Uncredited)

Charles Coleman
plays Jennings, Butler (Uncredited)

Clancy Cooper
plays Telephone Repairman (Uncredited)

Don Costello
plays Lefty Vigran aka Gorss (Uncredited)

Ralph Dunn
plays Cop at Car Accident (Uncredited)

Otto Forrest
plays The Whistler (Uncredited)

Byron Foulger
plays Flophouse Desk Clerk (Uncredited)

Dick Gordon
plays Tomley's Assistant (Uncredited)

Robert Homans
plays Dock Watchman (Uncredited)

Jack Ingram
plays Police Detective in Alley (Uncredited)

Robert Emmett Keane
plays Charles 'Charlie' McNear (Uncredited)

Cy Kendall
plays Gus, Bartender (Uncredited)

George Lloyd
plays Bill Tomley (Uncredited)

Kermit Maynard
plays Detective at Dock (Uncredited)

Pat O'Malley
plays Police Detective in Alley (Uncredited)

Walter Soderling
plays Man at Flophouse (Uncredited)

Charles Wagenheim
plays Man at Flophouse (Uncredited)

Joan Woodbury
plays Antoinette 'Toni' Vigran (Uncredited)

John George
plays Bum (Uncredited)

Willie Bloom
plays Bum (Uncredited)

Roy Brent
plays Detective in Alley (Uncredited)

Russell Custer
plays Bar Patron (Uncredited)

Crew of The Whistler

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