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The Violation of Sarah McDavid

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Sarah McDavid, an idealistic young teacher, takes a job in a rough high school where she is eventually attacked and raped in her classroom after school hours and decides to buck the school system in an attempt to make schools safer for students and teachers alike, against the advice of the school's principal, Dr. Keys, who tries to gloss over the hazardous conditions and the incident itself to avoid bad publicity and decreased enrollment.

Full Cast of The Violation of Sarah McDavid

Patty Duke
plays Sarah McDavid

Ned Beatty
plays Dr. Walter Keys

James Sloyan
plays Eddie

Vernee Watson-Johnson
plays Kip Leslie

Vernee Watson-Johnson as Kip Leslie

Vernee Watson-Johnson (born January 14th, 1954, North Trenton, New Jersey) is an American television actress who has ...

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Fran Bennett
plays Ms. Merriam

Richard Venture
plays Mr. Hourgil

Ally Sheedy
plays Tracy Barnes

Marilyn Kagan
plays Nan

Victoria Racimo
plays Sgt. Smith

Alexandra Johnson
plays Jane

Bill Morey
plays Louie

James Karen
plays Dr. Spandler

James Karen as Dr. Spandler

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. James Karen (November 28, 1923 - October 23, 2018) was an American character...

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Robert Picardo
plays Scott Crowell

Robert Picardo as Scott Crowell

Robert Picardo (born October 27, 1953) is an American actor. He is best known for his portrayals of Dr. Dick Richards...

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Danie-Wade Dalton
plays Merritt

Eric Stoltz
plays Pete Brady

Eric Stoltz as Pete Brady

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Eric Hamilton Stoltz (born September 30, 1961) is an American actor and direc...

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Hunter von Leer
plays Brian

Gloria Stuart
plays Mrs. Fowler

Gloria Stuart as Mrs. Fowler

Gloria Stuart (1910–2010) was an American actress, activist, painter, bonsai artist and fine printer. She is best kn...

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William Marquez
plays Mr. Hernandez

Eric Boles
plays Rapist

Howard Goodwin
plays Perry Halligan

Mike Darnell
plays Andy

Wesley Thompson
plays 1st Tough Kid

Juney Smith
plays 2nd Tough Kid

John Furlong
plays Police Sergeant

Crew of The Violation of Sarah McDavid

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