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The Tragedy of Coriolanus

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  • Released on March 26, 1984

BBC rendition of Shakespeare's Coriolanus

Full Cast of The Tragedy of Coriolanus

Alan Howard
plays Coriolanus

Alan Howard as Coriolanus

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Alan MacKenzie Howard, CBE, (5 August 1937–14 February 2015) was an English ac...

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Patrick Godfrey
plays Cominius

Irene Worth
plays Volumnia

Mike Gwilym
plays Aufidius

Heather Canning
plays Valeria

Joss Ackland
plays Menenius

Paul Jesson
plays First Citizen

Ray Roberts
plays Second Citizen

Leon Lissek
plays Third Citizen

Jon Rumney
plays Fourth Citizen

Russell Kilmister
plays Fifth Citizen

John Rowe
plays First Roman Senator

Peter Sands
plays Titus Lartius

John Burgess
plays Sicinius

Anthony Pedley
plays Junius Brutus

Valentine Dyall
plays Adrian

Brian Poyser
plays First Volscian Senator

Reginald Jessup
plays Second Volscian Senator

Joanna McCallum
plays Virgilia

Patsy Smart
plays Gentlewoman

Jay Ruparelia
plays Roman Soldier

Damien Franklin
plays Young Marcius

Nicholas Amer
plays Aedile

Teddy Kempner
plays Nicanor

Stephen Finlay
plays Citizen of Antium

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