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The Spongers

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In the days leading up the Queen's Silver Jubilee, Pauline, a recently separated single mother, receives a visit from a bailiff and is given 15 days to address her overdue rent payments. Meanwhile, the local council is under pressure to cut expenditure, and their decisions result in Pauline's mentally handicapped daughter Paula being transferred from a care home for special needs children to an old people's home, where she is all alone.

Full Cast of The Spongers

Christine Hargreaves
plays Pauline

Bernard Hill
plays Sullivan

Bernard Hill as Sullivan

Born in 1944, Bernard Hill is a British actor of film, stage and television. He is best known to British television v...

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Peter Kerrigan
plays Peter

Paula McDonagh
plays Paula

Gary Todd
plays Gary

Grace Allen
plays Grace

Dawn Booth
plays Baby Dawn

Angela Catherall
plays Jackie

Gertie Almond
plays Gertie

Elaine Lindsay
plays Mrs Johnson

Bernard Atha
plays Councillor Conway

Fred Pearson
plays Director of Social Services

Ina Clough
plays Deputy Director of Social Services

Donald Gee
plays Dr Whitehead

Roger Sloman
plays Presenting Officer at Tribunal

Frances Cox
plays Supervisor at Home

Josephine Antosz
plays Warden at Hostel

Lesley Nightingale
plays Asst Supervisor at Home

Marion Shakespeare
plays Chair of Tribunal

Ann Haydn-Edwards
plays Clerk

Ann Aris
plays Tribunal Committee

Len Annett
plays Tribunal Committee

Joanna Clay
plays Jubilee Committee Chair

Eileen Beldon
plays Jubilee Committee

Ken Rose
plays Jubilee Committee

Gwen Harris
plays Jubilee Committee

Joe Kenyon
plays Group Policy Meeting Leader

Barry Hart
plays Roads Committee Chair

Johnny Allan
plays Planning Committee Chair

Jack Platts
plays Housing Committee Chair

Anthony Dutton
plays Education Committee Chair

Peter Ellis
plays Left Wing Councillor

David Hatton
plays DHSS Clerk

Yvonne Nicholson
plays DHSS Clerk

Joan Peters
plays Social Services Committee

Fred Gaunt
plays Social Services Committee

Peter Lawrence
plays Pauline's GP

Phil Kernot
plays Bailiff

Gwyll Williams
plays Bailiff

Johnny Hackett
plays Foreman

Ted Carroll
plays Workman

Emrys Evans
plays Comedian/Club MC

Bill Moores
plays Local in Pub

Mick Miller
plays Policeman

Stuart Lee
plays 2nd Policeman

Crew of The Spongers

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