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The Silent One

About The Silent One

  • Released on June 14, 1984

A baby is washed up on a Pacific Island and is adopted by a childless woman. The tribal priest takes an instant dislike to the child, proclaiming him a demon. The child is deaf and mute and therefore excluded from hunting with the other young men. Out of loneliness, he befriends a white turtle. When a drought befalls the island, the priest blames the silent one. When the chief protects the boy, the priest plots the chiefs' downfall.

Full Cast of The Silent One

Telo Malese
plays Jonasi

George Henare
plays Paui Te Po

Anzac Wallace
plays Tasiri

Rongo tupatea Kahu
plays Taruga

Anthony Gilbert
plays Aesake

Pat Evison
plays Luisa

Crew of The Silent One

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