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The Price of Milk

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New Zealand milk farmer Rob gives his lover Lucinda a ring. Trying to spark up her relationship with Rob, she takes her friend Drosophila's advice and starts to try and make Rob angry. But she tends to go too far. Admiring her ring while driving a lonely road, she has a run-in with an older woman that sets off a chain of events that begins with her quilt being stolen

Full Cast of The Price of Milk

Danielle Cormack
plays Lucinda

Karl Urban
plays Rob

Karl Urban as Rob

Karl-Heinz Urban (born 7 June 1972) is a New Zealand actor. His career began with appearances in New Zealand films an...

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Willa O'Neill
plays Drosophila

Michael Lawrence
plays Bernie

Rangi Motu
plays Auntie

Lawrence Makoare
plays Nephew

Lawrence Makoare as Nephew

Lawrence Makoare was born on March 20, 1968 and is currently 56 years old.

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Chris Graham
plays Nephew

Ray Bishop
plays Nephew

Toi Iti
plays Nephew

Michael Lawrence

Crew of The Price of Milk

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