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Cast of
The Paper Tigers

About The Paper Tigers

Three middle aged men polish their martial arts skills to avenge their fallen master.

Full Cast of The Paper Tigers

Alain Uy
plays Danny

Ron Yuan
plays Hing

Mykel Shannon Jenkins
plays Jim

Yuji Okumoto
plays Wing

Yuji Okumoto as Wing

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Yuji Don Okumoto (雄二・ドン・奥本, Yūji Don Okumoto) is a Japanese American actor, fi...

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Yoshi Sudarso
plays Teen Danny

Yoshi Sudarso as Teen Danny

Yoshi Sudarso is an Indonesian-American actor, model, and stuntman. Sudarso was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and now, h...

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Jae Suh Park
plays Caryn

Jae Suh Park as Caryn

Jae Suh Park was born on April 5, 1984 and is currently 40 years old.

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Peter Sudarso
plays Teen Hing

Roger Yuan
plays Sifu Cheung

Roger Yuan as Sifu Cheung

Roger Winston Yuan (born January 25, 1961) is an American martial arts fight trainer, stunt coordinator / performer, ...

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Matthew Page
plays Carter

Matthew Page as Carter

Matt Page holds a Bachelor's Degree in Moving Image Arts from the College of Santa Fe. In 2006, Page co-founded Riffr...

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Gui DaSilva-Greene
plays Teen Jim

Annette Toutonghi
plays Minnie

Ray Hopper
plays Tommy

Joziah Lagonoy
plays Ed

Andy Le
plays Fu

Andy Le as Fu

Andy Le is a southern Californian actor, producer, and stunt performer who has worked in multiple films. Le has starr...

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Ken Quitugua
plays Zhen Fan

Brian Le
plays Boi

Brian Le as Boi

Brian Le is an American actor, martial artist, stuntman, and one of the founding members of the Martial Club Stunt Te...

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Phillip Dang
plays Chief Punk

Crew of The Paper Tigers

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