Cast and Crew of The Outlaws

Cast of
The Outlaws

About The Outlaws

In Chinatown, law and order is turned upside down when a trio of feral Chinese gangsters arrive, start terrorizing civilians, and usurping territory. The beleaguered local gangsters team up with the police, lead by the badass loose cannon Ma Seok-do, to bring them down. Based on a true story.

Full Cast of The Outlaws

Yoon Kye-sang
plays Jang Chen

Jo Jae-yun
plays President Hwang

Choi Gwi-hwa
plays Jeon Il-man

Lim Hyung-jun
plays Do Seung-woo

Jin Sun-kyu
plays Wi Seong-rak

Hong Gi-jun
plays Park Byoung-sik

Ha Jun
plays Kang Hong-seok

Kim Sung-kyu
plays Yang-tae

Jeong In-gi
plays Chief of Police

Ye Jung-hwa
plays Airport Officer

Yoon Joo
plays Kang Hong-seok's Fiancée

Min Kyung-jin
plays Yeon-gil Restaurant Owner

Kim Koo-taek
plays Mr. Kwak

Park Sang-gyu
plays Mr. Won

Yoo Ji-yeon
plays Ahn Hye-gyeong

Bae Jin-ah
plays Bar Hostess

Yoon Byung-hee
plays Gasoline

Min Moo-je
plays I-soo's Man

Jung In-gyeom
plays Forensic doctor

Geum Gwang-san
plays Tattoo man

Lee Tae-kyu
plays Detective

Yang Gwon-seok
plays Old man

Crew of The Outlaws