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The Matador

About The Matador

The life of Danny Wright, a salesman forever on the road, veers into dangerous and surreal territory when he wanders into a Mexican bar and meets a mysterious stranger, Julian, who's very likely a hit man. Their meeting sets off a chain of events that will change their lives forever, as Wright is suddenly thrust into a far-from-mundane existence that he takes to surprisingly well … once he gets acclimated to it.

Full Cast of The Matador

Portia Dawson
plays Genevive

Israel Tellez
plays The Matador

Arlin Miller
plays Radio DJ (voice)

Azucena Medina
plays Young Denver Fling

Jonah Meyerson
plays Ten Year Old Boy

Wiveca Bonerais
plays Ten Year Old Boy's Mother

Roberto Sosa
plays Skinny Mexican Man

Antonio Zavala Kugler
plays Hotel Bartender 1

Ramon Alvarez
plays Shooting Stand Owner

Luz Maria Molina
plays School Girl

Philip Baker Hall
plays Mr. Randy

Rachel Schwartz
plays Cantina Turista #2

Carolyn Horwitz
plays Cantina Turista #1

Jorge Robles
plays Hotel Bartender 2

Guillermo Ruiz
plays Fat Man

Hanny Saenz
plays Fat Man's Girlfriend

Gabriela Goldsmith
plays Flirting Woman at Outdoor Café

Claudia Lobo
plays Vienna Fling

Maureen Muldoon
plays Australian Bar Waitress

Bernice J. Alvarado
plays Budapest Ballerina

Adriana Dávila
plays Budapest Ballerina

Silvia Ehnis
plays Budapest Ballerina

Deborah Rocha
plays Budapest Ballerina

Karla Salvador
plays Budapest Ballerina

Isabel Villa
plays Budapest Ballerina

Arturo Echeverría
plays Manila Target

Ramon Valverde
plays Young Julian in Manila

William Raymond
plays Mr. Stick

Alejandro Amaya
plays Additional Matador

Jose Luis Angelino
plays Additional Matador

Guillermo Capetillo
plays Additional Matador

Humberto Flores
plays Additional Matador

Jose Mauricio Morett
plays Additional Matador

Federico Pizarro
plays Additional Matador

Penelope Kaufer
plays Lady Flirting in a Bar (uncredited)

Vivianne Nacif
plays Voice on Answering Machine (voice) (uncredited)

Benjamin Ocaranza
plays Fisherman (uncredited)

César Ámigo Aguilar
plays Man in Bar (uncredited)

Crew of The Matador

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Costume & Make-Up