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This Lost World is a splendid BBC TV dramatisation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous adventure story. Bob Hoskins makes an unusually genial Professor Challenger, far less of a bully than Doyle's character, but his slightly stereotyped companions are nicely filled out by a solid cast. James Fox is Challenger's more timid but still covertly adventurous rival, Tom Ward is the moustachioed big game hunter who faces an Allosaurus with an elephant gun, and Matthew Rhys plays the tagalong reporter hoping to impress his faithless fiancée.

Full Cast of The Lost World

Bob Hoskins
plays Prof. Challenger

James Fox
plays Prof. Summerlee

Tom Ward
plays Lord Roxton

Matthew Rhys
plays Edward Malone

Matthew Rhys as Edward Malone

Matthew Rhys Evans, known professionally as Matthew Rhys, is a Welsh actor, best-known as Kevin Walker on the U.S. AB...

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Elaine Cassidy
plays Agnes Cluny

Elaine Cassidy as Agnes Cluny

Elaine Cassidy (born December 31, 1979) is an Irish actress best known for Harper's Island, Felicia's Journey, Disco ...

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Peter Falk
plays Theo Kerr

Peter Falk as Theo Kerr

Peter Michael Falk  (September 16, 1927 – June 23, 2011) was an American actor and comedian. He best known for his ro...

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Bianca Roe
plays Selena

Nathaniel Lees
plays Indian chief , Chief

Joanna Page
plays Gladys

Robert Hardy
plays Prof. Illingworth

Tom Goodman-Hill
plays Arthur Hare

Tom Goodman-Hill as Arthur Hare

Tom Goodman-Hill is a British stage, film and television actor. He holds a BA in Drama and English with a teaching qu...

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Tessa Peake-Jones
plays Mrs. Hilda Summerlee

Dominic Rowan
plays Reporter 2 , Reporter 2

Brian Abbott
plays Reporter 1

Jane Howie
plays Ape 3

Nicole Whippy
plays Maree

Inia Maxwell
plays Indian Leader

Michael Bertenshaw
plays Reporter at Docks

Tim Healy
plays McArdle

Jasper Jacob
plays Stuttgart Man

Jasper Jacob as Stuttgart Man

Jasper Jacob was born on July 2, 1958 and is currently 65 years old.

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Paul Joseph
plays Ape 2

Laurence Kennedy
plays Angry Man

Terry Mortimer
plays Businessman 2

Tamati Patuwai
plays Achille

David Quilter
plays Businessman 1

David Quilter was born on June 11, 1942 and is currently 82 years old.

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Malcolm Shields
plays Lead Ape / Choreography

Julia Walshaw
plays Ape 5

Mason West
plays Ape 4

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