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In the captivating and vibrant world of "The Little Mermaid," a beloved Disney classic, the audience is introduced to a cast of unforgettable characters that bring the story to life. The lead role of Ariel, the adventurous and determined mermaid princess, is voiced by the talented Jodi Benson. Benson's performance masterfully captures Ariel's longing for a life beyond the sea and her willingness to defy her father, King Triton, to pursue her dreams. Alongside Ariel, we meet the wise-cracking, lovable crab Sebastian, voiced by Samuel E. Wright. Sebastian's role as the royal court composer and Ariel's confidant adds both humor and heart to the story, as he tries to guide Ariel through her journey while also upholding his duties to King Triton.

"The Little Mermaid" is a tale of love, sacrifice, and self-discovery that centers around the young mermaid princess Ariel. Ariel's fascination with the human world leads her to fall in love with the handsome Prince Eric, and she becomes determined to join him on land. In a daring move, Ariel strikes a dangerous deal with the cunning sea witch Ursula, trading her beautiful voice for a pair of human legs. This agreement comes with a catch – Ariel must make Prince Eric fall in love with her and share a kiss of true love within three days, or she will lose her soul to Ursula forever. As Ariel navigates her new life as a human, she must learn to balance her desire to be with Prince Eric and her loyalty to her family and home beneath the waves.

The enchanting world of "The Little Mermaid" is filled with memorable songs and characters that have become iconic in the realm of animated films. Ursula, the villainous sea witch, is a standout character with her striking appearance and devious schemes. Her performance of the show-stopping number "Poor Unfortunate Souls" showcases her powerful voice and manipulative nature. In addition to Ursula, the film features a diverse cast of sea creatures who each bring their unique personalities and talents to the story. From the lovable Flounder, Ariel's loyal fish friend, to the regal King Triton and his loyal subjects, "The Little Mermaid" offers a rich and immersive underwater experience that continues to captivate audiences of all ages.

The Little Mermaid is part of the The Little Mermaid Collection, together with The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea and The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning .

Full Cast of The Little Mermaid

Jodi Benson
plays Ariel/Vanessa (voice)

Jodi Benson as Ariel/Vanessa (voice)
Jodi Benson's performance as Ariel and Vanessa in "The Little Mermaid" is nothing short of iconic. Her ability to bring the mermaid princess to life with a voice that is both powerful and sweet is truly remarkable. As Ariel, she captures the character's curiosity, longing, and determination, while her portrayal of the villainous Vanessa is equally impressive, showcasing her range as a voice actress. Benson's performance has left a lasting impact on audiences, making Ariel one of the most beloved Disney princesses of all time. See Jodi Benson's other roles

Samuel E. Wright
plays Sebastian (voice)

Samuel E. Wright as Sebastian (voice)
Samuel E. Wright's portrayal of Sebastian in Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' is nothing short of iconic. As the voice behind the lovable, yet stern, crab, Wright delivers a performance that is both endearing and memorable. His Jamaican accent adds a unique flavor to the character, making Sebastian stand out among the other sea creatures. Wright's ability to switch between Sebastian's serious side and his more comedic moments is truly impressive, and his rendition of 'Under the Sea' is undoubtedly one of the most beloved Disney songs of all time. His performance as Sebastian is a testament to his talent as a voice actor and has left a lasting impression on viewers of all ages. See Samuel E. Wright's other roles

Pat Carroll
plays Ursula (voice)

Pat Carroll as Ursula (voice)
Pat Carroll's portrayal of Ursula in 'The Little Mermaid' is nothing short of iconic. Her voice acting is a masterclass in characterization, as she effortlessly embodies the cunning, manipulative, and deliciously wicked sea witch. Carroll's Ursula is a larger-than-life presence, her voice booming with authority and dripping with sarcasm. She delivers her lines with a theatrical flair that is both entertaining and chilling, making Ursula one of the most memorable Disney villains of all time. Carroll's performance is a testament to her talent and versatility as a voice actress. See Pat Carroll's other roles

Christopher Daniel Barnes
plays Prince Eric (voice)

Christopher Daniel Barnes as Prince Eric (voice)
Christopher Daniel Barnes delivers a captivating performance as Prince Eric in Disney's "The Little Mermaid." His rich, expressive voice brings depth and charisma to the character, making him a charming and believable romantic interest for Ariel. Barnes's performance effectively captures Prince Eric's adventurous spirit, kindness, and longing for a soulmate, making him a beloved character in the Disney universe. See Christopher Daniel Barnes's other roles

Kenneth Mars
plays King Triton (voice)

Kenneth Mars as King Triton (voice)
Kenneth Mars's portrayal of King Triton in 'The Little Mermaid' is a powerful and commanding performance. His deep, resonant voice perfectly captures the authority and strength of the character, while also conveying a sense of warmth and compassion. Mars's delivery of Triton's lines is nuanced and expressive, bringing to life the character's complex emotions and motivations. His performance adds depth and richness to the film, making Triton a truly memorable and iconic character. See Kenneth Mars's other roles

Buddy Hackett
plays Scuttle (voice)

Buddy Hackett as Scuttle (voice)
Buddy Hackett's performance as Scuttle in 'The Little Mermaid' is a delightful and humorous addition to the film. As the quirky and clumsy seagull, Hackett brings his signature comedic timing and unique voice to the character, making Scuttle an endearing and memorable part of the story. His interpretation of the character provides a perfect balance of humor and heart, as Scuttle attempts to help Ariel understand human objects with his often misguided yet well-intentioned advice. Hackett's performance adds a layer of charm and laughter to the beloved Disney classic. See Buddy Hackett's other roles

Jason Marin
plays Flounder (voice)

Jason Marin as Flounder (voice)

Jason Marin was born on July 25, 1974 and is currently 49 years old.

See Jason Marin's other roles

René Auberjonois
plays Louis (voice)

René Auberjonois as Louis (voice)

An American actor, known for portraying Father Mulcahy in the movie version of M-A-S-H and for creating a number of c...

See René Auberjonois's other roles

Paddi Edwards
plays Flotsam & Jetsam (voice)

Ben Wright
plays Grimsby (voice)

Edie McClurg
plays Carlotta (voice)

Edie McClurg as Carlotta (voice)

Edie McClurg (born July 23, 1951) is an American actress, voice actress, stand-up comedian, and opera singer. She has...

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Will Ryan
plays Seahorse (voice)

Will Ryan as Seahorse (voice)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. William Frank Ryan (May 21, 1949 – November 19, 2021) was an American voice a...

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Sherry Lynn
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Mickie McGowan
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Mickie McGowan as Additional Voices (voice)

Mickie (Maryanne) McGowan is the daughter of Robert A. McGowan, writer/director of the "Our Gang Comedies." She was b...

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Nancy Cartwright
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Nancy Cartwright as Additional Voices (voice)

Nancy Campbell Cartwright (born October 25, 1957) is an American film and television actress, comedian and voice arti...

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Frank Welker
plays Max (voice)

Frank Welker as Max (voice)

Franklin Wendell Welker (born March 12, 1946) is an American voice actor with an extensive career spanning nearly six...

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Hamilton Camp
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Debbie Shapiro
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Robert Weil
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Ed Gilbert
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Charlie Adler
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Charlie Adler as Additional Voices (voice)

Charles Michael "Charlie" Adler (born February 20, 1956) is an American voice actor and voice director. His most famo...

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Jack Angel
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Susan Boyd
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Steve Bulen
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Philip L. Clarke
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Jennifer Darling
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Trevor Allan Davies
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Gail Farrell
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Donny Gerrard
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Willie J. Greene Jr.
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Linda Harmon
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Walter S. Harrah
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Phillip Ingram
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Luana Jackman
plays Additional Voices (voice)

William A. Kanady
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Edie Lehmann Boddicker
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Anne Lockhart
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Melissa MacKay
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Guy Maeda
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Lynn Dolin Mann
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Arnold Markussen
plays Additional Voices (voice)

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