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The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse

About The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse

The fictional world of Royston Vasey is facing apocalypse and the only way to avert disaster is for our nightmarish cast of characters to find a way into the real world and confront their creators. From present day Soho to the fictional film world of 17th Century Britain, the residents must overcome countless bizarre obstacles in their bid to return Royston Vasey to safety.

Full Cast of The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse

Steve Pemberton
plays Various Characters

Steve Pemberton as Various Characters

Steven James Pemberton is an English actor, comedian and writer, best known as a member of The League of Gentlemen wi...

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Reece Shearsmith
plays Various Characters

Reece Shearsmith as Various Characters

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Reeson Wayne "Reece" Shearsmith (born 27 August 1969 in Hull) is an English...

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Mark Gatiss
plays Various Characters

Mark Gatiss as Various Characters

Mark Gatiss is an English actor, comedian, screenwriter and novelist. He is known as a member of the comedy team The ...

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Bruno Langley
plays Damon

Bruno Langley as Damon

British actor who came to fame playing Todd Grimshaw in Coronation Street, a role he played on and off for sixteen ye...

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Paul Hays-Marshall
plays Barbara Dixon

Danielle Tilley
plays Dahlia

Emily Woof
plays Lindsay

Alan Morrissey
plays Johnny

Liana O'Cleirigh
plays Claire

Michael Sheen
plays Jeremy

Michael Sheen as Jeremy

Michael Christopher Sheen (born 5 February 1969) is a Welsh actor and political activist. After training at London's ...

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David Warner
plays Dr. Erasmus Pea

David Warner as Dr. Erasmus Pea

David Hattersley Warner (29 July 1941 - 24 July 2022) was an English actor. Born on 29th July 1941 in Manchester, he ...

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Victoria Wood
plays Queen Mary II

Bernard Hill
plays King William III

Bernard Hill as King William III

Born in 1944, Bernard Hill is a British actor of film, stage and television. He is best known to British television v...

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Simon Pegg
plays Peter Cow

Simon Pegg as Peter Cow

Simon John Pegg (born 14 February 1970) is an English actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer. He came to public ...

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Peter Kay
plays Simon Pig

Peter Kay as Simon Pig

Peter John Kay (born 2 July 1973) is an English actor, comedy writer and stand-up comedian. He has written, produced ...

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Liam Cunningham
plays Director

Liam Cunningham as Director

Liam Cunningham (born 2 June 1961) is an Irish actor. He has appeared in numerous film and television productions inc...

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Rachel Rath
plays Homunculus

Crew of The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse

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